Find great deals on eBay for RCA 6SL7 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. $ or over (2). Production Status. New Old Stock (6); New Production (3). Type. Vacuum Tubes (9). 6SL7. JJ 6SL7 Preamp Vacuum Tube. $ JJ-6SL7 .

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Later production units had the same plate structure but the getter was moved up to the top.

Just thought I’d add that the 7F7 is a loctal variant of the 6SL7. A close up of the one with black base:. New Old Stock Original Box and white box. These appear to be RCA military stock tubes with flat plates and extra support rods, with black bases, just like the RCA redbase tubes. Demand for these is on the rise, making this fine tube a vanishing species. Many people think this is the best version of the 6SL7 ever made.

Of course, any time you need a large quantity of tubes of any type, is is a good idea to email us for a stock check first.

The real vintage RCA red full octal base deal, built like a tank, awesome tube! According to the TungSol manual, the difference is the brown micanol base, minimized leakage and gas currents and both triode units have balanced plate currents.

VinylSavor: Tube of the Month : The 6SL7

The 6SL7 is a high-mu twin triode in an octal based glass package. These tubes tested 6s7l on my Hickok a tube tester. The minimum for a good tube on this tester is Identical date codes. The tube is in its original box, which is in fair to good condition.


Scarce WWII military tubes tubes, hard to keep in stock. The glass is clear. Many say this is the best sounding tube ever Full sized black bases.

These are nice tubes with black plates and have the same kind of construction as the RCA red based tubes with the 5 support rods and extra heavy duty mica spacers. Minimum good value on a TV7 tester for a tube is They have the gray colored coating inside the glass so the plates are hidden from view.

Indeed, another lovely set of photos. The “premium” qualities of the include a long-life cathode rated at 10, hours along with extra support rods and mica spacers to eliminate microphonics. If you want to use any material from my blog please contact me by email. Like the famed Tung Sol 6SN7 oval plate, this tube is very sweet sounding and increasingly hard to find. They may or may not have listings such as “WGT”, which is mil spec ruggedized; or VT, which is the military type number of this tube.

This is a mutual conductance tester. These are sweet and rare versions of the 6SL7, and are plug and play compatible with any 6SL7 or type tube. It is, in the proper circuit, a wonderful sounding tube, and audiophiles would do well to try the NOS vintage 6SL7 tubes before buying anything currently made today.

Order tubes or merchandise online using PayPal! Later version made 60’s through the 70’s. Sometimes the tube is listed by the industrial number 6l7some military types list both numbers on the tube, and yet some don’t use the industrial number.


Early version ‘s and early 50’s. Other companies produced this tube with brown and black bases.

This month I am presenting a high mu dual triode. Many of these tubes are in military packaging but do not carry the “W” desigination as I believe that the “W” designation didn’t come until after the war.

Most are 6sp7 old, produced during the ’40s and ’50s. Thank you for your awesome blog. Maybe the best 6SL7 to ever grace your ears!

6SL7 / VT / – Tubes for Amps

Order tubes or merchandise using your credit card! Philips are what are mostly seen, if rarely. These were the best military vintage 6SL7 tubes, intended for sale only to the military and not for the public or 6xl7. Date Code – matched at LR. We will resolve the situation more quickly. The plate structure is shorter and heavier than the standard version. We strive for a smile when you receive your item.

Michael Marx N. Tubes are used unless stated otherwise. All have extra support rods and mica, and are very rugged tubes that sound wonderful. It’s the same tube regardless. They also 6ssl7 tubes for other brands. Just like all RCA tubes, these are very high quality tubes and sound great. Both sound and perform identically.

Earlier versions made in the 50’s, 60’s had brown bases and nice thick mica wafers for extra support and superior microphonic elimination.

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