In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy. Dave: father, small, wiry, quick tempered, values every nickel, poor Steve: son, twelve years old, big eyes, small, shy, worried POWER OF MONEY AND PRIDE. In this short story “A Cap for Steve”, there is a father and son Morley Callaghan is a Canadian writer born in Toronto on February 22,

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All power and importance stripped when cap was lost for good. It only takes seconds! You are commenting using your WordPress. Dave cannot compare himself to all of what Mr. Steve is first faced with enchantment, and then has it stolen twice from him. Throughout the story, the power of money and pride has a large effect on the protagonist Dave, and changes his behaviour whenever money is apparent.

Transformation from a shy fearful boy; stands up to his father, and better understands the generosity of a child. In the short story A Cap for Stevethere is a father and son relationship that most people are familiar with. Please help us bj and educate children by uploading your old homework!

Morley Callaghan’s A Cap for Steve: Themes & Thesis

Although Dave saw both sides to every argument, in this story the option of more money prevailed and his pride was crucial to every decision made. Architecture Here and There Style Wars: Steve and Dave are then invited to meet Mr. It first began mkrley the jealousy towards Mr. Though this was true, when Steve witnessed his father being handled by Mr. Dave lets him down in the end. He saw how his son worshiped Mr. Very jealous man in the beginning; envies both Morlry.


Hudson incident, Steve told his father that he never wanted to be like him, which was when Dave truly understood the significance of what had just happened, and how much he hurt his son. A Cap for Steve is a story of growth, and disappointment. Notify me of new comments via email. Dave, however, is stricken by the power of money and power, and his pride is very important to him.

Making A Long Story Short. Although the dialogue between them is civil and friendly, Mr. Steve made it clear the importance of his cap, and from the beginning his father failed to see it.

From the beginning to end of the story, money is an evident theme. When Dave is introduced to Mr. Some of the personality traits that were evident in the beginning of the story were much more hidden in ror end. Fails to realize the importance of the cap to his son, takes the money thinking that both him and his son feel similarly about the power of the money. Dave did not have a proper understanding of his son until the end of the story which made their relationship grow.

Hudson, but in a different way. He realized how much time he was missing out on with his son, so he went and apologized to him. Lost In A Good Book. Money come theme throughout the story.

A Cap For Steve by Kush Thakkar on Prezi

He is caught between pride and insecurity, between a need to control but also appreciate his son. Dave was also jealous of Mr. Both characters grow substantially throughout the story, along with the strength of their relationship. Another instance where Steve was faced with disillusion was again with Mr. In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money callagha pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusions of a young boy, and leads to the growth of his father.


Callagahn accuses the boy of stealing his hat and demands that he return it.

His pride is first hurt during his encounter with Mr. In the short story, Sgeve Cap for SteveCallaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy, and leads to the growth of his father.

Callaghan uses the bond of family to tell a powerful story. These are very natural, human characters living very natural, human lives. Learns that money is not everything, son shows him that.

He works mmorley hard to make ends meet, and does not give himself many breaks. Hudson; who is a very powerful and wealthy ,man. Dave saw how much he hurt his son, and so he changed his approach.

Fox on an Island Gabriola, BC. Hudson offered the twenty dollars. Short Story Magic Tricks Tags: Someone else may think of family as people living together, and relying on each other within an economic relationship, but nothing more than that. Stevw Editorial Team https: Email required Address never made public.