Read the chapter on Dispraise of the Hawa (desires) from Discipling the soul by Ibn Jawzi free online. al-Hafiz Abul Faraj ibn al-Jawzi Spirituality. explains a chapter written by Imam Ibn Al-Qayyem entitled, \”Dispraise the Lowly the chapter and shows how Muslims can avoid the lowly desires (Al- hawa). Imâm Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah/Saleh As-Saleh Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 3 MB A description and clarification about.

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Whomever Allaah guides cannot be misguided, and whomever He leads astraycannot be guided. By YourMight, no one who hears of it will enter it. All Praise is due to Allaah. Guarding, prelecting, and absenting from what is harmful. The acceptance is not anapproval of the terminology or the essence of Sufism in any of its stages.

Allaah likened the followers of Al-Hawaa to the lf contemptibleanimals in form and in concept. In fact, his writingexcelled over many other works because of this quality. The Qawl saying of the tongue is to convey what Allaah has revealed in theQur’aan and in the authentic Sunnah regarding Himself, His Names and Attributes,His Actions, His Commands, His Prohibitions, and all that is related to this Deentocall to it, defend it, to expose the false innovations which oppose it, and toestablish its remembrance and to convey what it orders.

The following of Al-Hawaa throws down the ‘Abd preventing him to stand upand walk with those saved on the Day of Resurrection, just like when his heart fell [ina state of Sara’] in this life which kept him from their company.

The pursuing of Al-Hawaa renders the doors of success closed for the ‘Abd, andopens for him the doors of failure. Islamic Books Authors Categories Sitemap. Allaah has made the heart the king of the limbs and the place of theorigination of knowledge, love, and ‘Uboodiyyah of Him. Indeed the animal is able hawq means of his natural instincts todistinguish between beneficial andinfo calgaryislam.


He should keep himself far from the humiliation of Al-Hawaa because wheneversomeone obeys his Hawaa he will sense disgrace within himself. Having delight in overcoming his enemy and driving him away disgraced in hisrage, grief, and worry, being unable to disparise hold of himas he wishes.

He should then question his Deen and rationaleabout it, they will inform him that it is nothing.

The worst of evilsare the muhdathaat newly-invented matters [in the deen]and everyinnovated matter [in the deen] is a bid’ah; every bid’ah is adalaalah misguidanceand every dalaalah is in the Fire of Hell.

View in Fullscreen Dispeaise. O you who believe!

Dispraise of Lowly Desires (Al-Hawaa) – English – Dr. Saleh As-Saleh

He should not bedeceived by the force, assault, and pride of the followers of Al-Hawaa, for they havethe most lowly internal character of men; they have mustered both arrogance andhumiliation. He shouldtrain himself to ward off Al-Hawaa whose consequences are safe in order to train himselfto abandon Al-Hawaa, which have harmful consequences. By Your Might, I am afraid that no one willenter it.

Thus, Al-Hawaa instigates him towards what he wants just as Al-Ghadhab anger averts from him what may hurt him.

The Deen chapte reasoning. He [Allaah] closed all the paths that lead to Al-Jannahand did not open them to anyone except through his path. The word Saheeh means authentic. The deen of Islaam is the way of life prescribed by Allaah.

The opposing of Al-Hawaa inherits strength in the heart, tongue and body of[Allaah’s] ‘Abd. Verily, by your life [O Muhammadin their wild thee, they were wanderingblindly. The hadeeth is collected by Al-Bukhaareeand Muslim.

None can compete with the Messengers’ degree of’Uboodiyyah to Allaah.

Dispraise of Lowly Desires (Al-Hawaa)

He gave an order respecting it, and accordingly it wassurrounded with undesirable things, and said [to Jibreel]: From the indicative signs through which the excellence of contradicting hawa is proven is the honoring and the superiority of hunting dogs over other dogs, which is due to their ability to contradict their hawa and to keep what they hunt for their master out of fear of punishment or as a show of appreciation.


Create your own flipbook. Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet used to seek refuge with Allaah from the difficultmoments of calamity and from being overtaken by Ash-Shaqaa’ wretchedness in the Hereafteror destruction etc. This system is adopted throughout theentire book. And fear Allaah through Whomyou demand your mutual [rights] and [do not cut the relations of] the wombs[kinship].

The self with complete rest andsatisfaction described in the saying of Allaah[It will be said to og pious]: Allaah’s Messenger approvedthe opinion of Abu Bakr Then Allaah evealed to the Prophet that he should nothave taken prisoners until the force of the disbelievers has been crushed.

Hadeeth byrenown Hadeeth scholars.

Disciplining The Soul | Dispraise of Hawa (desires)

By Your Might, no one who hears of itwill fail to enter it. He should keep himself far from being under the subdual of his enemy, theShaytaan, who, if he sees the ‘Abd in a state of weak determination and motivation andhaving an inclination towards his Hawaa, he would eagerly hope to overcome andpossess him and control him with the bridle of Al-Hawaa leading him wherever hewants.

The majority of the scholars, including ImaamShaafi’ee, Ahmad, Maalik, and others from Ahl-ul-Hadeeth, criticized their ways especially theirso-called Samoa’ [singing aimed to stimulating a state of Wajd ecstasy ] and excessiveworship.

He is considered a Sufi in the context ofthe early practice of sufism in which some of its followers were mostly interested in leadinga pious life of Zuhd an abstemious way of lifepatience, clemency, sincerity, truthfulness,etc. They fhapter Sahaabah] said: