Since then, she has established the most secretive of Teragen enclaves. Known as the Nursery, this hidden encampment in the jungle of her native Zaire is. Aberrant: Teragen – The Old World Must be Destroyed Cast as monsters, villians and rogues, the novas of Teragen are hatred by Project Ut. Aberrant: Teragen [White Wolf Publishing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Boulle, Phillippe, Soulban, Lucien.

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Refresh and try again. Why would they reject them now?

Elysse rated it liked it Jun 28, The source on Divis Mal’s society of novas, for players and Storytel Gods once wielded this kind of power. Jacob Possin rated it liked it Mar 16, Joey rated it really liked it Dec 09, Adam Ignore for the moment that Adam might have been a freak of nature.

I’d forgotten about Epoch. Actually, do they really see 2nd Gen as that marvelous? Maybe that’s why Mal wanders off into his own universe, he just can’t stomach how it all works out.

There are many factions and views in the Teragen. She could and should have a set of nova body guards, whose interests and personalities are more or less compatable with her own.

Okay, but Adam is a very specific 2nd, his whole potential seems unlocked already. Sign in Already have an account?

Andrew Bonham added it Mar 28, Even “pro-monstruosity” Terats see them in a aaberrant different way I guess. Between the two, you have less severe viewpoints. Such a character would likely not raise to the top tiers of elite popularity, due to his refusal to kill other elites, and his willingness to work for baselines would proabably sully his popularity somewhat with the most radical separatists e.


In abstract, they may be a sign of the future. Aberrany — Aberrant by Phillippe Boulle. Orzaiz than the Apostle. He’s even 2nd stage Portent, so he’s serious about Teras.

Aberrant: Teragen

I’m asking this aberramt of the strong affinities that exist between Teragen and some elite subcultures, e. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rayvern rated it liked it Jul 26, And I don’t think it was just a mean to get more power to them, ’cause it’s way too impredictable. Return to Book Page. Matthew Galloway rated it it was amazing Mar 24, I think that more than a few Pantheon members would see 2nd gen as dangerous The Mathematician because they arez unpredictable, Leviathan because it’s dangerous for his dogma ,the Apostle because he’s crazyBUT we must consider that many Terats came to the Nursery to have children.

The Nursery might be a playground that turns into a carnage, but not every kid will be a victim in that place if it does.

On one hand, they say they hate the elites for prostituting themselves. This is preposterous, and I think personally this is related in ABA to the bad opinion the authors seem to carry about Teragen movement ABA more than once tends to use negative words about Teragen belief.

Obviously, if you aren’t tefagen up the hight taint, you aren’t really serious about the Teragen movement, are you?

Gods once wielded this kind of power. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Envy may be an issue as well. Mike rated it really liked it Aug 05, As a general note, Teragen disdains going elite, both for the nova loss of life for the sake of baslines, and for the abdrrant exploitation, but if an elite acts to minimize the former, and makes it clear that he’s doing it a voluntary lifestyle choice, but his ultimate sympathies go toward Teragen, how is going to be different??


Abedrant added it Dec 18, Ben rated it really liked it May 12, William Hummel added it Nov 21, In your campaign, what happens will shape the future of novadom. Lists with This Book. The forces of the universe respond to our will and we shape a world in our image.

Aberrant RPG – Low-Taint and elite novas in Teragen – Trinity Continuum RPG – RPG Post

Alvaro Freitas rated it liked it Apr 25, Aberrantt describes 2nd gen as something close to pawns or even liability to Terats, and this is just another point of desagreement to me.

We are novas, and we will bring about a new golden Age When it comes to crunch time, all the usual human nature responses will be seen, good and bad.

Posted May 12, I suspect that Primacy would be less accepting. The kids may or may not be able to defend themselves. The issue is, what is more important to belong among Teragen, willingness and ability visibly to forsake humanity, or dedication to the ideals of Teras? Goodreads helps you keep terageen of books you want to read. No trivia or quizzes yet.