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Symphony’s d2w awarded Ecolabel certification – Company Announcement –

David Banks Corporate Broking. If plastic products made with d2w technology escape into the open environment they will automatically convert into biodegradable materials at the end of their useful life.

Further information on the Symphony Group can be found at www.

Symphony is a member of The 66327 Plastics Association www. Symphony’s d2t tagging and tracer 3627 is also available for further security. We would like to thank our distributor RES Brazil for all their hard work in securing this prestigious award. In addition Symphony has developed controlled-life plastic technology which turns ordinary plastic at the end of its service-life into biodegradable materials.


It is the only oxo-biodegradable additive to qualify for the Ecolabel.

The award is the result of rigorous testing to prove that Symphony’s d2w additive has been thoroughly assessed throughout its life cycle and confirms the environmental value of the product.

About Symphony Environmental Technologies plc. Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc.

The Ecolabel confirms the environmental credentials of the d2w additive and distinguishes it from all other oxo-biodegradable products on the market. Symphony has a diverse and growing customer-base and has established itself as an international business with 74 distributors around the world.

The criteria for awarding an Ecolabel are to preserve environment quality and minimise pollution caused by production, use and disposal of products and services.

Symphony has developed a range of additives, concentrates and master-batches marketed as d2p which can be incorporated in a wide variety of plastic and non-plastic products and applications so as to give them protection against many different types of bacteria, fungi, algae, mold and insects. SYMglobal specialists in “making plastic smarter”, with d2w controlled-life, d2p anti-bacterial and d2t anti-counterfeiting technologies is pleased to announce that its d2w oxo-biodegradable technology has been abnh by ABNT the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards and has been awarded the coveted Ecolabel.


It is then no longer a plastic and can be bioassimilated in the open environment in the same way as a leaf.

Products made with Symphony’s plastic technologies are now available in 97countries and in many different product applications. In some countries oxo-biodegradable plastic is mandatory.