I set the Active Printer [Printer=”Adobe PDF”]. I open the word document [(“path&”) path. I’ve downloaded the Acrobat SDK and have found the VB sample for AdobePDFSilent. PrintOut copies:=1, ActivePrinter:=”Adobe PDF”. However the client wants to use the Acrobat “Adobe PDF” printer instead. Each PDF must ut ActivePrinter:= “Adobe PDF”.

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VBA Macro To Print To PDF Via Specific Printer – Free Excel\VBA Help Forum

Is NOT reading from a hidden file the system norm? Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Since Acrobat 7 you do not have to create a Postscript file first, you can print directly to the Adobe PDF printer and set the output filename just like you mentioned aactiveprinter your original message. Adone it is a registry setting, please let me know how to turn it off.

I am trying to determine if active printer supports A3 page format.

VBA Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft) FAQ

The files are not locked but the shell has not closed its access before JavaScript is trying to read n remove. I know that there must be some way to do this as you can upload a adob to Adobe and then get a PDF version of it. Any ideas why neither file seems to get created?


Obviously, my approach above didn’t work, so what is the way to do this? Maybe I am missing something? Here is a sample PS file you can activeprinteg What am I doing wrong?

Excel active printer port

Friday, April 8, 2: However, there still should be an additional check done to see if that printer really supports that feature. The file created is a prn file.

This content has been marked as final. The first one defaults everything after selecting the Acrobat PDF printer.

The content you requested has been removed. Thank you both for your responses and willingness to work with me on this problem. Is there really no API that could provide active printer name and port?

In Lithuanian version “on” is replaced with “, esanti”, but I have no idea how it would be replaced in Japanese or Greek languages. It looks like that starts a different Adobe DF printer to the one that would look at the registry.

Go to original post. Net as I don’t have any of the data types available that are created in the code. Friday, April adohe, This forum makes me laugh… for a week now I have had dual personalities. However, the only entry there is: Second code provides a list of available printers. Each PDF must have a name as specified in the code and must be sent to a specified folder, again as specified in the code. I guess that we are asobe the same thing in different ways.


This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. When I distribute the code to other users their Adobe printer might be associated with “Ne01” causing an error.

Sunday, April 10, Sunday, April 10, 2: I can then leave out the bridgetalk stuff then. Thanks for your help. Please enter a title. I’ve been trying to create a macro for Word documents that will write the document out as a PDF and named as C: This content has been marked as final. The problem usually is to figure out what application name to use for your specific case. Karl Heinz, I’ve tried that based on my initial post see the code there.

As you can see in my code, I have 3 different methods that I’ve tried to print. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. It runs through, that is, I receive no errors, but neither the postscript file nor the pdf file show up in my folder. I would simply use the following code and tell the user to select the PDF printer.