1 Jun Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Aim. The aim of the Financial Mathematics subject is to provide a grounding in financial mathematics and. 10 Jul CT1 is the essential foundation material required for the later CT subjects. Although CT1 is relatively easy, I would recommend making sure that one puts. Non-members of the Profession will have the opportunity to take the CT1 The exam will provide prospective actuaries and financial services staff with the.

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Bystander, I assume you’re an Actuary? If they had any decency they would fully refund adtuary for any costs they’ve incurred in pursuing an exam pass that’s now become worthless.

When should I join the profession now or in 2019

But why do people put up with it? This exam arbitrage just goes to show how much thought has been put into the Curriculum Transition Arrangements. No, create an account now. I know plenty of people who have failed each of these exams several times. If you’re only taking one exam per sitting, I’d say that despite the higher pass rates on these exams, you need to study very hard to pass in three sittings. It will also mean that a time limit is suddenly imposed on me to pass exams or render the exams I have taken previously as worthless.

On the other hand, if you take CT8 and pass in the next three sittings, then you will avoid having to take a written and Computer based assessment. Discussion in ‘ CT1 ‘ started by sibssMay 31, So in the space of the month, I have suddenly gone from having no Deadline to complete my exams, to having three sittings to having two sittings.

This is because the work of an actuary can no longer be tested on a piece of paper and so the exams need to change to ensure they remain relevant.

On top of avtuary, I have just received an email last week to say that due to the changes in the PPD requirements, if I do not qualify in the next 2 sittings, I will suddenly be required to conform to these too. They are chopping and changing documents as we speak. Of course it’s possible but you’re taking a risk. Yes, my password is: I was intersted in joining the profession by writing ct1 as a non-member then progressing through the exams.


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Share This Page Tweet. B It is very likely that you will pay more in fees to the Institute and to Acted as there is quite a high chance than you run into difficulties C It is likely that you actuady put under undue stress and time pressure which other students have not suffered as you suddenly have a time limit imposed on yourself for passing exams.

Read all the rules carefully to see how they affect you both now actuzry long term. On one hand the Institute has published a document with the intention of allowing students to plan exams with the current system untilbut on the otherhand, they have suddenly introduced this Curriculum which will mean that all the planning I have done is completely useless.

Any advice on this will be appreciated. All it takes is for one bad sitting and you suddenly only have two chance left which is really not enough to be very certain you’ll get both exams. I wonder if the curriculum change is cost-neutral?

InfinityMay 31, Maybe the Institute decides they forgot about a bank holiday and decide to change the exam date to one day later when you have friends or family arriving on the evening of the original exam date Any news yet about the cost of these exams: It may be after taking one exam you don’t want to carry on anyway or you will have the thirst for it.

A It is more likely than not that if you start with the CTs now you are going to be disadvantaged by the changes in the exam system. I wonder if next month, the Institute will make some change and I will just have to start over. But as I say only you know your circumstances and what is right for you. I plan to take one exam per sitting. There’s potential age discrimination here as well. This document has just been removed from the Institute website after I have made a complaint From that perspective why wait?


The SoA are also planning changes to their exam cy1 and will be introducing computer based examining as well. I thought the same thing when the carpet was pulled underneath me for ST3. John LeeJun 6, Tutor-supported forums are also available as part of our Online Classroom. Oh, I have 2 sittings, I’ll definitely pass ST3 in 2 in two sittings.

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I would take another exam or just enjoy your life till the Institute can make up their mind on the new syllabus. I’ve really lost trust in the Institute and can’t rely on them for anything. It is not the system change which bothers me, it is about time it is refreshed but it is the poor manner it is being handled by the institute. John LeeJun 5, Yes let’s give the opening poster some more accurate information. This Curriculum change is going to cause mayhem.

They will see that exam entries will be very low in these last few sittings, perhaps just desperate students striving to complete the CT series before it’s too late.

There is no point in you taking CT1, CT4, CT5 or CT6 which is nearly half of the CT exams available as you need to pass CT1 and CT5 or CT4 and CT6 in the next three sittings, otherwise any passes obtained in the old System which only qualify for exemption of one half of the equivalent one in the new cf1 exams will be rendered completely worthless. Do you already have an account? When should I join the profession now or in Discussion in ‘ CT1 ‘ started by sibssMay 31, We catuary that you will continue to help each other with any queries that you have.

There are a lot of disgruntled students. The Institute actuaru clearly stated that there will be no increase in exams, exam hours, study time and time to qualify, but in my case as well as the case of perhaps other students, this is simply not true.