Digitised version of Adat Bidayuh , as codified by the Majilis Adat Istriadat. Agustus Sapen, Di Entika, Mohammad Sulaiman and 2 others like this. Comments. Other Albums. Sarawak History Initiative Trust’s photo. ‘In a letter to the. Adat Bidayuh Order Front Cover. Sarawak. 0 Reviewshttps://books. ?id=bSgUnQAACAAJ.

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Adat Bidayuh 1994

Chapter II deals with customs relating to construction of a new longhouse or kupuo and rules of social behaviour bidajuh is closely regulated by the adat for both members of the longhouse and visitors.

There shall be three uni of measurement as follows: PuUiDg down posts pirubuh. Marriage between persons within the prohibited degrees of relationship, and incest or gross indecency bidajuh serious offences affecting the Bidayuh community.

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Native Courts Portal

Bati also pointed out that Mais was working with other government departments like Land and Survey Department, National Registration Department and Immigration Department to rectify problems faced by the community.

Under the Bidayuh custom, an adopted child has the same position. However, once the adoption has been registered, it can only be annulled by the order of the High Court. Gi,ruga-girogo anotber person’s romin This Order may be cited as the Adat Bklayuh Order,and shall come into force on the 1st day of June, For the purpose of this Order, the term “Bidayuh” means the native of Sarawak referred to as Land Dayak in the Schedule to the Interpretation Ordinance. However, oBly the appropriate terminologies are used in the main text, and the others are placed within brackets in the appropriate place in Chapter I with indication of the dialectal areas in which these words or terminologies are used.

The Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak is hereby authorised to prepare and publish the translation of the authorised English version of the Adat Bidayuh dialects or in Bahasa Malaysia hereinafter referred to as “the authorised translation” and such authorised translation may also be used and referred to: Tbere is no element of punishment in takud.


Government Printer or other printer to print copies biddayuh the Adat Bidayuh. The Adoption Testimonial is only proof of an adoption. It is an established law that whenever any act or omission constitutes an offence under two or more Otten laws, the offender shall be liable to prosecution and punishment under one of any such laws, but shall not be liable to prosecution and punishment under another law for the same offence.

However, it is to be remembered that a person can only seek maintenance in the civil court if the same subject matter has not been dealt with by the Native Court. Chapter VI deals with customs relating to death.

With regards to enforcement of fines, sections 17 1 and 18 1 of the Native Courts Ordinance, empowers a Native Court to order payment of penalty or compensation and in default, to commit the offender to imprisonment.

Building Initiatives in Indigenous Heritage Category: However, if t8e person presiding in a Native Court is not a Magistrate, and the offender refuses to pay any penalty imposed by such court, section 18 2 provides bidayuuh the person presiding in that Native Court shall 19994 the matter to a Magistril’te who shall have the power to enforce the decision of the said Native Court.

This Order may be cited as the Adat Bidayuh Order,and shall come into force on the 1st day of June, The past practice of getting a cut from fines by the Piayuh Kupuo and the Ketua Masyarakat shall cease forthwith, because at present, the Piayuh Kupuo and the Ketua Masyarakat are respectively receiving honorari s allowance and a proper salary scheme of service.

CODStruct roof buruh pudo’. The moderators of the workshop were officers from Mais; namely Bati, Philip Tonis, Suimi Kinseng and Midil Dimang, who touched on the different laws of the community.

Therefore, cues involving such customs can still be initiated in any Native Court by an interested party and the court may impose such penalty or award compensation as it may consider reasonable in the adwt. Section 19 b of the Native Courts Ordinance,empowers a Native Court to direct payment of penalty or such part thereof to the aggrieved party.


Taking porang piroka fran another person’s land.

Restitution contains two essential ingredients of takud. Reference is also made to A. A customary adoption may be registered in accordance with the rovisions of the Adoption Ordinance Cap. At both levels of examination and discussion the concept of the adat for the Bidayuh people was identified and translated into standard terminologies which are not only acceptable to the Bidayuh throughout Sarawak but also suitable for administrative and legislative purposes. If a complainant reports a case to the police or commences any proceeding before a civil or criminal court, the Native Court shall not deal with the case.

When a marriage is solemnised under the Adat Bidayuh, the Penghulu, upon request from the couple.

Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak revamping Adat Bidayuh 1994

Therefore, remedial action must be taken immediately by offering ritual propitiation. The first draft was examined and discussed by the Drafting Committee; the second. We need your help! Any breach against customs and taboos shall be subject to takud or restitution, and provision shall be I buah. People who commit incest are prohibited from marrying each other. Any offence against the rules of social behaviour such as bidayun and adultery shall be subject to secular fines, and payment shall be specified in three units of measurement: Failing to participate in a kiroja lirukum.

The various sections of the Adat Bidayuh have been arranged in a proper sequence for ease of reference.