Web-based quizzes on German adjective endings and declination. Explanation of German adjective endings and declination. Adjektivendungen – Gezeigt wird ein sicheres System, um die richtige German. English. Sie hat eine nette Schwester. Deutsches Brot schmeckt sehr gut.

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The following are a few common adjective nouns: They can also be used by the adjectives.

If NO if the noun is plural adjektovendungen, add -en. The ending is “e”. This exercise, compiled by Dr. They require you to put the correct ending at the end of the adjective as well.

How do you find out which ending you have to use? Da ist der klein e Mann. Please keep reading, if you do not want to become just as desperate about it as he was …. Ich sehe den neu en Professor. What kind of article have the noun? Today I want to make clear when you have to use which ending.


Some nouns get an additional ending as well. Try to remember the ones you like, and to use them in class, on your written work, and when you’re talking to yourself: Anna Stefanou from Neustadt, Germany, developed an excellent overview and allowed me to present it to you on my website.

Toms Deutschseite – Adjektivendungen

Now let’s have a look at the table for definite articles. Ich habe eine alte Katze. Deutsch es Brot schmeckt sehr gut. Moreover the relationships between the interrogative pronouns, the declension of the article and adjective and the deuysch pronoun are developed. You will be asked 20 questions.

When you UNDERSTAND how German adjective endings work, you only need to learn ONE TABLE!

History of Berlin Fill in the adjective endings in a series of statements about the history of Berlin. This exercise will open in a new window, as its navigation buttons will take you to a web worksheet on art, and not back to this page on adjective endings.


Ich schreibe einen lang en Brief. Very often we, teachers, give our students simply 3 or 4 tables, which they have to learn by heart.

Prüfe dich: Adjektivendungen Self-Tests

There is no determiner deutach here. Diagnostic Exercises check if you’ve mastered this topic! So it must be “einen lang en Brief”. She’s got a nice sister.

adjektivendyngen Ich kenne einen guten Mann. Teacher of German as a foreign language. In the video I explain, how the table works an how you can use it immediately in you German lessons. When this case-ending is not used by the accompanying word, it has to be used by the adjective. Sie isst das frisch e Brot.

Click here to review the ein-word endings. If NO if there is no article: Look for singular, female, nominative.