The quest for self knowledge is pervasive in indian thought and is a central concern of advaita vedanta–The non-Dualistic system expounded primarily by. An introduction to the several systems of classical Indian thought such as Professor Deutsch provides. Eliot Deutsch (born January 8, ) is a philosopher, teacher, and writer. He has made including; On Truth: An Ontological Theory; Advaita Vedanta: A Philosophical Reconstruction; Studies in Comparative Aesthetics; Creative Being : The.

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Before measurements, the particle wave can exists at virtually anywhere in the universe; it could be at two places at the same time.

Eliot Deutsch, Advaita Vedanta; A Philosophical Reconstruction – PhilPapers

Vedanta in Asian Philosophy. Sign in to use this feature. It is certainly my top choice for Westerners who want to get started with Advaita Vedanta.

In deep sleep, consciousness and the self is free from objects but not yet transcended to the fourth state of turiya. Brahm The wisdom of Hindu Philosophy: History of Western Philosophy. Aaron Terrazas rated it really liked it Jun 10, Sign in to use this feature. Advaita establishes the Oneness of Reality and this self-knowledge enables the knower to overcome all pain, misery, ignorance, and bondage. Maya appears whenever we fail to realize the oneness of the Brahman.

Share your thoughts with other customers. I could imagine that for many Course students this little book would be of interest as it provides an immediate insight in the position of the Course in the context of the world’s major spiritual traditions, including why it is so unique and different, in the way it proposes the ontological cause of the experience of this world and this life.

Both lead to same conclusion and are rooted in the same action, the cause which is a concept of Maya, avidya ignorance and adhyasa. This entry has no external links. References to this book Oriental Enlightenment: The same problem of multiple explanations would occur if we were to try to incorporate popular Christian thinking with philosophical Christian theology.


Harish rated it it was amazing May 25, The actual experience of attaining the moksha salvation is through self-knowledge and wisdom. After reading this, it was much easier to continue on to more difficult, abstract philosophical analyses. The space inside the bottle takes the shape of the bottle, but it is still part of the larger space. Each chapter explicates a single complicated topic in language that is for the most part easy to understand, but occasionally is philosophically dense, as expected and hoped for from this topic.

Advaita Vedanta; A Philosophical Reconstruction

It is an unflinching theory and a focused system of thought that has intellectual depth and great insight that comes close to the reality reasoned within the laws of quantum physics. I would also like to add that in no way is this book superficial. Cause and effects are mutually involved; the material elements gross and subtle that constitute physical nature are ontologically the effects of ahmankara I-consciousness and buddhi intelligence ; but their cause is saguna Brahman or consciousness associated with maya.

Ramakrishna Puligandla – – Asian Philosophy 14 2: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

International Philosophical Quarterly 6 March: Moksha Anubhava Turiya Sahaja. Maya is the ontic-noetic state where limitations upadhis are imposed upon reality. There is no purpose in creation. Trivia About Advaita Vedanta: It is all meat and no fluff. The topics covered are, in order, Brahman, levels of reality, the relation between Brahman and the world, the self, karma, epistemology, ethics, moksa, and jnana yoga.

Eliot Deutsch is an eminent scholar of Vedanta and spent his lifetime teaching and researching in the field of Hindu Philosophy. Preview — Advaita Vedanta by Eliot Deutsch. Advaita Vedanta interpret the relationship between Brahman and the world in terms of satkaryavada, the theory that effect pre-exists in the cause.


He is also a past president of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy.

Common terms and phrases according to Advaita adhyasa Advaita Vedanta Advaitin Aeeording aetion affirmation Appearanee appears argument arthapatti Atman attained avidya aware axiologieal believe Brah cause cognition Commentary denied diserimination distinetions doctrine dream ealled eannot eertain effect eharaeteristies eharaeterization empirical eoneept eonsequenees eontradieted vedanfa ereation estahlishing existenee existent external faet freedom funetion human Ihid illusory Indian philosophy individual inferenee intelleetual Isvara jiva jivanmukta judgment justified karma kind logical logieal manner in whieh maya means of knowledge mental metaphysieal mind moksa moral mueh nature nirguna Brahman non-dual not-different ohjeets one’s ontologieally op.

Get to Know Us. University of Hawaii Press vedajta, – Philosophy – pages.

Read more Read less. Naresh rated it really liked it Jan 17, Maltesh rated it really liked it Sep 09, One thing the book could have done better is to argue, or rather give reasons, theological, philosophical or even cultural, for the fundamental claims of this non-dualist idealist worldview – as the author consistently claims that, the interest of Advaita philosophers was not to prove the truth of this worldview as that was taken to be obvious, but rather their interest was in formulating arguments and metaphors that would lead one to grasp this Ultimately Reality, to break free of avidya.

School of Advaita Vedanta. Kate rated it liked it Apr 23, Write a customer review. An Ontological Theory ; Advaita Vedanta: There are 6 school of philosophy in Vedic and Advaita is one of the main proponents.

Advaita Vedanta : A Philosophical Reconstruction

When we transform the impersonal Brahman being into personal being. Advaota 04, Adil rated it really liked it. Eliot Deutsch – – Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 31 4: