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AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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Since military retirement does not vest until soldiers or sailors have served twenty years, 2 those with eighteen or nineteen years of service have a strong incentive to fight against separation. At the same time, administrative discharge board members and 36-320 authorities knowor can be told of these effects afl will sometimes consider them reasons for lenient treatment. Army regulations allow members to negotiate a conditional waiver without counsel. It is a battle to keep out anything that can ati connected to the service member.

As the discharge packet is forwarded up the chain of command, intermediate commanding officers will sometimes add endorsements or recommendations as well. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Commands know only a little more, with personnel officers or legal officers handling many of the procedural details and improperly making many decisions in discharge cases. Denial of benefits for this reason can be appealed in the VA system.

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While unsatisfactory performance may be due 3-63208 one flaw in a member’s abilities, it is shown as a rule, in more than one way. JAG offices and command staff judge advocates often supplement the regs with very helpful but not always quite accurate gauges and guidelines for involuntary discharge procedures. The services are remarkably uniform in one part of the discharge process: This right may be limited for servicemembers deployed at sea or otherwise 36-32208 of communication with available JAG offices.

It wasn’t easy either ugh. On the contrary, lay witnesses can often give detailed descriptions of symptoms that fit other diagnostic categories and do not usually appear in particular personality disorders, adjustment disorders, etc.

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They can be encouraged to think about how the case will stand up to litigation by lawyerly presentation of the issues, or simply by the fact that attorneys or civil rights organizations may be involved. Members who wish to challenge the discharge through litigation — and are able to get around the need to exhaust administrative remedies through lengthy discharge review proceedings — will be able to show that they used the available remedy of responding during the discharge proceeding.

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The members, generally through their JAG, and the command may make an agreement in which members waive ai previously-demanded board on the condition that they be given a more favorable character of discharge.

Know the ranks of the members and use the ranks and proper forms of address with the board members. Civilian counselors can play a role as counselor or advocate. And civilian experts can be used as witnesses, or their reports brought in as evidence, to demonstrate the underlying cause of the alleged misconduct. These things are not true, but the threats and promises are very effective, and waivers are extremely common as a result.

On rare occasions, the acts are defensible as inevitable consequences of the medical condition. That’s kind of a roundabout way to get it, though.

Even in those cases in which administrative discharge processing itself is mandatory, the ADB members and separation authority have authority to process the case and then recommend retention, or recommend Honorable 36-208. It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from both a personality disorder and another, more serious disorder. Judge advocates range from superior attorneys to those who do little or are resentful of your involvement.

In many cases, military counsel is not assigned or made available until very shortly before the hearing, limiting time to consider and prepare the case. Not surprisingly, many servicemembers waive alltheir rights.

Notification Procedure Discharges First Steps: In many cases ordinary behavior or signs of emotional distress are mischaracterized as misconduct or poor performance to support a afii recommendation.

Airmen are subject to discharge for unsatisfactory performance based on documented failure to meet Air Force standards. Rather, a superior, usually a staff sergeant or chief, meets with members to yell at them about having a problem, threatens discharge or punishment if the problem happens again, and offers a typed record entry for the members to sign, acknowledging that the counseling occurred and that they can seek further help from appropriate sources chaplains and the command structure are often mentioned.

The Instruction 3-3208 use of the notification procedure, and discharge with no less than a general or entry-level discharge if the misconduct fits within the general guidelines for such characterization under DoD The services sometimes established and even year retirement programs to encourage retirement.


Be a colleague, af an opponent. When problems with a command, or the onset of PTSD or other illnesses, cause a sudden change in performance, respondents can point to prior good performance and the sudden change as evidence that something other than a long-standing personality disorder is at work. These requirements are also discussed in relation to individual reasons for discharge. Factual mistakes and under-evaluation of performance in psychiatric reports should be challenged with documentary evidence — inspection results, log entries, preliminary forms of performance evaluations and the like — and statements from co-workers, superiors, and other personnel in a position to observe performance.

I am almost about clear all my medical and then I will wait for the final word.

AFI 36-3208 Administrative Separation Of Airmen

The DoD Instruction includes in its statement of rights that respondents have the right to 36-32088 represented at the hearing by non-lawyer counsel if: In theory, counseled members should fai be processed for discharge unless new or continuing problems are apparent after the counseling. The Manual is currently out of print. A pattern of misconduct consisting solely of minor disciplinary infractions.

PT Failure admin discharge Thanks I really appreciate it. Immediate commanders sometimes comment on these statements in further endorsements to the separation authority, without providing copies to members even if they have requested copies of all such documents.

In some situations, as where commands fail to provide or document the minimum counseling required before discharge may be initiated, servicemembers may buy time by challenging the error at the outset, and then use the time to improve performance, pursue medical evaluations, or appeal underlying disciplinary actions before the discharge process begins anew.

If servicemembers demand this right, the command must arrange an appointment with JAG counsel, usually in person but occasionally by phone for members stationed far from area defense counsel.

Originally Posted by Bry PT Failure admin discharge I believe that is correct been in 8 years. Nothing stops the command from using information obtained in an ADB to instigate disciplinary action. Most concealment involving prior criminal activity, medical conditions or treatment, or educational level results in a General discharge at the worst, so that the Notification Procedure is used.