AWB Editor is an easy to use tool to print IATA air waybills, manifests, DGDs, labels and B/Ls, as well as transmit FWB and FHL messages. Air Waybill. Issued By. Copies 1, 2 and 3 of this Air Waybill are originals and have the same validity. It is agreed that the goods described herein are accepted in. House Air Waybill Number. Not negotiable. Air Waybill. (Air Consignment note). Issued by. Copies 1, 2 and 3 of this Air Waybill are originals and have the same.

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When the exchange of a shipment record is possible, it is not required that copies of an air waybill be provided to the onward carrier.

View uninstall instructions here. The outside measurements of the air waybill shall be between mm 8. Customs Power of Attorney. Durable Power of Attorney. Alr fees are in U. Charges apply when a document is printed or transmitted, document may be re printed or re transmitted without generating additional charges.


In both modes there is no limit on the number of users. Windows installer 12 MB. View all fees here Purchase. Popular today Landlord lease termination letter.

AWB Editor

The size of the boxes and their distances from the upper left hand paper edges shall be maintained exactly as shown in attachment. Recent view Proforma Invoice. Measurements of the Air Waybill The outside measurements of the air waybill shall be between mm 8.

Skip to main content. Colour is optional and airlines shall accept both coloured and non-coloured coded air waybills. You are here Home. Power of attorney letter.

Air Waybill

You have to click the lock on the bottom to make changes. Electronic forms in AWB Editor are similar to the paper forms making the transition really easy. Application for a Social Security Card. Once you zir up “AWB Editor. You should move it to the Trash.

To solve this issue just install the Java Virtual Machine, you can download the latest version from here: Try it now Register.


Notwithstanding the provisions of 3. Pay as you go where you only pay for what you use.

AWB Editor | Air Waybill Creator

AWB Editor is an easy to use program to create and print various air freight related documents. Attachment Size Air Waybill form. However the carriers involved must agree to adhere to the provisions of Resolution f.

When trying to install AWB Editor you may get a warning from the Windows Defender SmartScreen saying that the app is unrecognised, to continue with the installation just click on “More info” and then “Run anyway”. If using colour, copies shall be either coloured paper or white paper with appropriate colour ink imprinted thereon, as referred above.

You can try AWB Editor and test all its features before deciding to purchase it. Letter of recommendation formqto employment. It can run without access to the internet.