entitled “Neither Victims nor Executioners,” but this group of articles enjoyed a very the overall title, “‘Neither Victims nor Executioners,’ by Albert Camus,” was . A praiseworthy initiative by an on-the-street group of Cotswold peace activists brings us a new edition of Camus’s timely and profound anti-war essay. A world. Today—Nov. 13, —is the th birthday of Albert Camus, a great thinker, writer and rebel, and someone who remains especially relevant.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The forties have taught us that vicitms injury done a student in Prague strikes down simultaneously a worker in Clichy, that blood shed on the banks of a Central European river brings a Texas farmer to spill his own blood in the Ardennes, which he sees for the first time.

Neither Victims Nor Executioners by Albert Camus

Today’s truth will be tomorrow’s dogma. Christiana rated it it was amazing Jun 05, A proper scolding by a master. The bombing of cities is not acceptable. The essay Le Mythe de Sisyphe The Myth of Sisyphus, expounds Camus’s notion of the absurd and of its acceptance with “the total absence of hope, which has nothing to do with despair, a continual refusal, which must not be confused with renouncement – and a conscious dissatisfaction”.

Today, tragedy is collective. The essays were translated into English by Dwight Macdonald and published in the July—August issue of politics. Harris B rated it really liked it Oct 13, But the problem is not how to carry men away; it is essential, on the contrary, that they not be carried away but rather that they be made to understand clearly what they are doing” If he who bases his hopes on human nature is a fool, he who gives up in the face of circumstances is a coward.

A hope that is grounded precisely in this contradiction, since it forces—or will force—the Socialists to make a choice. Huyen rated it liked it Aug 27, Oct 10, Farhana rated it liked it Shelves: I mainly agreed with what Camus said and learned quite a lot.


One such statement seems to be: It is not emotion which can cut through the web of a logic which has gone to irrational lengths, but only reason which can meet logic on its own ground….

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Though his political evaluations were set out in the s the situations he discusses are remarkably relevant to those of today, and are coupled with a total rejection of war as a tool for social change. Views Read Edit View history. Today it’s worth alberr, to stand with the immediate victim, not the one who was yesterday the victim, but who has become the State.

Livi rated it liked it Feb 22, The challenge of peace for Irish Republicans News. This is something Stalin has very well understood, and it is the kindest explanation neithed his policies the other being to refuse Executiones the right to speak in the name of revolution.

Not much to say about Camus that can actually match his brilliance, work as a writer and a man who wanted peace, executionees, brother of all men. Read it, and weep for what the world could be. To a lesser degree, impelled by the crisis provoked by America since at least the end of the Cold War, the foot soldiers of the left too often accept reasons and rationales that we would re-consider had we the luxury of reflection and a trust that chivalry in argument prevailed.

Albert Camus, ‘Neither Victims Nor Executioners’

Here, as in no collection Resistance, Rebellion and Death, Camus is nuanced and considerate in his treatment of such I nlr have read an earlier edition of this work than this one, but the cover is familiar and it is plausible that it was read as late as in despite my obsessive interest in Camus during high school.


Dec 18, Kirtida Gautam rated it really liked it Shelves: Dagmar rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Greenpeace takes action for a “nuclear free future” News.

Meanwhile, here’s the gist of it, the concluding section of Neither Victims nor Executioners. Christian rated it liked it Jun 05, To our opponents, image is all; and a working assumption of the antiwar movement has to be that the population at large eecutioners long since abdicated its independence of thought to the mass media, if indeed a “population at large” can be said to have an independence.

Jacob rated it really liked it Jan 01, Scottish police dismantle Trident sub News. But his journalistic activities had been chiefly a response to the demands of the time; in Camus retired from political journalism and, besides writing his fiction and essays, was very active in the theatre as producer and playwright e.

Neither Victims Nor Executioners

Christians as well as Moslems believe in heaven, and that belief has made it too often too easy for too bor of each to devalue life here and now, and to kill. And henceforth, the only honorable course will be to stake everything on a formidable gamble: Languages Deutsch Edit links. To view it, click here. But really not all that thorough or focused on the death penalty like I have been led to believe. Also in this Issue Love your enemy – everyone can change: Even so, it’s worth even a skeptic’s time neithee seek and express beliefs that need not be run through the ranking of atrocities.

The world had seen enough of men and women dying for causes; it was time to xlbert for one. We will not forget News.

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