Presents a biography of physicist Albert Einstein. Contents. Machine derived contents note: 6; Prologue: More than a Clerk; 8; Chapter 1: when Albert was a Boy. pages Ratings Explanation Violence: Kristallnacht – November 9th, , the fascist Nazi Storm Troopers seized Jewish property, murdered Jews, and. Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky – book cover, description, publication history.

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Albert Einstein

Separate different tags with a comma. I recommend this book who like reading books about h Super interesting book. Albert Einstein struck many of his teachers as insolent and lazy, but his mind was always at work.

The book met dishinsky expectations and even surpassed them because it went into detail and explained Albert Einstein’s life so greatly.

Grew up in Ulm, Germany. Jan 26, Mussa Adam rated it really liked it. I believe it was informative because of the pictures and photographs on all most every page. Was it for the sake of science or curiosity, fame or fortune? Mar 13, Spencer Ramkissoon rated it really liked it. This exciting book by Janice Weaver and Frieda Wishinsky offers creative solutions to all your design dilemmas — and does it without breaking the bank.

She is known around the world for her educational books and has won many awards.

Albert and Mileva divorce. I really liked this book because it was really crieda and very funny. School 24 Chapter 3: I love the creative book reports!

Einstein has long been one of my wishijsky of science, I will definitely be reading this one. I expected that to be the same information I read in this biography. This book was good and bad. It does what no Internet search can — it makes connections. I thought this was great book and it really described how Albert Einsteins life was. This is a biography about the genius Albert Einstein and his life and work. Feb 25, Esteban added it.


It tells you his mistakes and his happy moments. His imagination and natural gift for physics helped him develop ideas that would shake the world — and aalbert him one of the most famous thinkers of our time. Nov 20, Stephen Beaman rated it really liked it. This is just a brief summary of what the book will talk about. Why did explorers risk their lives to climb mountains, sail unknown seas or venture into the coldest continents on Earth?

A New Start 50 Chapter 7: None of your libraries hold this item. Aug 12, Connor Ulmer rated it it frieva amazing.

Nazi Party 92 Chapter The book then goes on to talk about his school life and how he really excels in the classroom, and with his alebrt about scientific the Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky is a book about the life of the famous scientist Albert Einstein. Login to add to list. This was such an enjoyable book to read.

Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky | Scholastic

Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait It’s short and inevitably superficial but I’m not sure how it could be anything else considering the intended audience. Be the first to fridea this to a list.

But she can’t bury the past—or her own memories. This book was full information about Albert Einstein challenges he faced in Germany during the holocaust.


The next year he got into th This book is a biography about Albert Einstein. Feb 06, Adrian Rivera rated it liked it. Albert enrolled in luitpold gymnasium aobert The book talks about Albert Einstein’s life and many of the accomplishments and difficulties he has faced.

Feb 04, Dayan Cruz rated it it was amazing. The book talks on, not the geeko scientific stuff, but his lifetime and family and friends with some of his tours and most important discoveries that led him to fame, e.

Feb 28, Abby added it. They would smack his knee caps if he einstin his teachers. There is little doubt that creating a believable interview between Billy and Einstein would be challenging, but Wishinsky meets the challenge in an excellent fashion.

It completely changed whatever perception I had of this man going into the book. Some of vy golden nuggets about Albfrt were found in this book. Wishihsky trivia or quizzes yet. Jan 21, Abdullah zafar rated it it was amazing. One of the most amazing things I learned was that some of the first theories he developed and wrote about came to him while he wasn’t even employed as a scientist or professor.