Find technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species, LUS. Learn more on our Mepepe (Albizia zygia) page. English West African albizia (Savill & Fox); West African walnut (Unwin); ‘Senegal rosewood’ (mis-applied – this properly refers to Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir.). Familia: Fabaceae Subfamilia: Mimosoideae Tribus: Ingeae Genus: Albizia Species: Albizia zygia. Name[edit]. Albizia zygia (DC.)

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MEPEPE (Albizia zygia)

It is characterized by the head-like inflorescence, with 1—2 central flowers modified, functionally male and having a larger, nectar-producing staminal tube.

Ecological profiles of Ghanaian forest trees. Kenya Literature Bureau, Nairobi, Kenya. Macbride, a shade tree for cocoa.

Albizia zygia (DC.)

Cookies help us deliver our services. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Albizia zygia FOOD x 64 – 8k – gif www. Vegetative propagation of indigenous Albizia species. Retrieved from ” https: Seeds flattened globose to ellipsoid, 7. It is used for indoor construction, light flooring, furniture, canoes, apbizia e.


For the Australian tree commonly named “Albizia”, see Paraserianthes lophantha. The gluing, staining and veneering properties are satisfactory, and steam bending properties moderate.

It dries slowly, but generally with little degrade. Species from southeast Asia used for timber are sometime termed East Indian walnut. Furniture, Common 23 – Handbook of Hardwoods.

Seeds can be stored for some time in a sealed container in a cool place, after adding ash to reduce insect damage. The effect of pre-sowing treatments on germination of Albizia zygia seeds. A bark decoction is administered to treat bronchial diseases, fever including malaria and female sterility, and as a purgative, stomachic, antidote, vermifuge and aphrodisiac.

Conservation and use of traditional vegetables from woody forest species in southeastern Nigeria. Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. It deserves to be included in agroforestry testing programmes. Gluing Glues well if basic gluing technical rules are followed.

Albizia zygia

Promoting the conservation and use of underutilized and neglected crops Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 57 2: The seed weight is 50—60 g. Flooring 14 – Handbook of Hardwoods. Woody plants of Ghana, with special reference to their uses.


In-vitro evaluation of Khaya and Albizia gums as compression coatings for drug targeting to the colon. It must receive preservative treatment. The tree may reach albiziz height of 40 to 50 m with a trunk diameter of cm. Wood-anatomical description IAWA hardwood codes: It is valued as a shade tree, e. The wood is commonly used as firewood and for charcoal zygua.

The rates of shrinkage are moderate, from green to oven dry 3. Kenya trees, shrubs and lianas. Trees, shrubs and lianas of West African dry zones. Turning 30 – Embassy of Honduras in Japan. Molecular analyses showed that Albizia is heterogeneous, and a revision is needed.