Libretto Alcina. Alcina. Locandina. ⚑? Dramma per musica. Libretto di. Antonio FANZAGLIA, ANONIMO. Musica di. Georg Friedrich HÄNDEL. Alcina. HWV Opera in tre atti. Musica di. George Frideric Handel. Libretto di anonimo adattato da “L’isola di Alcina” di Riccardo. Broschi. Alcina Handel Libretto Baroue opera words lyrics by guidolmb

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Who has made human desire? I am free, nor do I ask you forgiveness.

Return me to vague, you only want to love this faithful soul, my dear good. William Savage Boy soprano. Bradamante so speaks to Ruggiero. As the act ends, Alcina tries to call up evil spirits to stop Ruggiero from leaving her, but her magic fails her.

CHOIR This is the sky of content, this is the center of the goder; here is the Eliso de ‘viventi, here the hero forms the placer. He leaves to reach Ruggiero. Bradamante in this weapon? Alcina leaves, while Morgana returns. He then persuades her, against her will, to let him go hunting. Ivor Bolton Bayerisches Staatsorchester. Go, insidious sorceress, of my beloved woman you will lie the form, and the speech. Serious is the offense Flee from me to give you to another lover.

In other projects Wikimedia Libfetto. I am paying; and if he was my rival, I forgive them.

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alcnia Alcina tells Morgana that she plans to turn Ricciardo into an animal, just to show Ruggiero how much she really loves him. We pray to you that pitiful, as long as I mar be quieted, allow it to remain.

Pale shadows, I know, you hear alcuna around wrong, and you hide, deaf from me: Bradamante and Ruggiero decide that they need to destroy the source of Alcina’s magic, librtto represented as an urn.

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When she has gone, the boy Oberto asks Melisso and Bradamante to help him to find his father, Asotlfo; it is clear to them though Oberto is ignorant of it that he must have been changed into a wild beast, like so many others. Alcina followed hard on the heels of Ariodante, and between them Handel had presented his oratorio season.

He leaves me, treacherous, and goes! Views Read Edit View history. I swear by him or revenge him. Alcina will give you right reward.

Melisso, now himself again, tells him of the plans for escape. Show hunting desio, so escape and health to you. Ballet CHOIR After so many bitter pains we already comfort the alma; every bad change in good, and alfin triumphs in love.

She greets the strangers, and lavishly expands on her love for Ruggiero, asking him to show her guests her palace and estates. She is followed by Ruggiero, who, without revealing that he no longer loves her, convinces Alcina that he desires nothing so brutal to convince him of her love. Morgana and Oronte try to rebuild their relationship; she returns to him and he rebuffs her but once she is offstage admits he loves her still.

Here we go, I always fear wherever I look at it, see Alcina ria, which takes you away from me. Richard BonyngeLondon Symphony Orchestra. Prospect of the wonderful palace of Alcina, surrounded by trees, statues, obelisks, and trophies, with serials of fairs, which go around: Alcina and Morgana rush away, lamenting their doom.

I know well, that’s the parent, that your wicked fury has changed in fera. You are barbarian, ungrateful, ver who langue for you; but take, ruthless, if you want my blood too. Morgana stops the fight, but Oronte is in a foul mood and takes it out on Ruggiero.


So you correspond to so many of mine for you suffered troubles? Soon after, she returned to Paris in disgrace. But the more my affections for you are not. As the hippogriff begins to eat the leaves of a myrtle bush, Ruggiero is startled to hear the bush begin to speak. Where I set my rai, sighing at my suspicion, you told me with a look: I love you so much; you can leave me alone in tears, oh gods!

So far, I ventured; here I come back; I break the unworthy lasso; and if you rival me, your cruel destin I cry, and I embrace you. Bradamante guesses that Astolfo is now transformed into something, but she librefto her peace and concerns herself with Ruggiero.

All opera sheetmusic Soprano sheetmusic Mezzo Soprano sheetmusic Tenor sheetmusic Baritone sheetmusic Bass sheetmusic. Between fear and fear my heart throbs I do not know well yet, there is joy or sorrow. The lion is caught near Oberto, and he librettk licking his feet. Believe in my pain, lights tyrants and care!

Alcina Libretto

From that particular woman, it seems to me, to meet it comes. He smiles, and gives him great reverence. Even placar can you, my good, my heart; You do not want?

Like that face, but give peace, it’s not for you.