The plot of Tampa, a debut novel by Alissa Nutting, is simple: Celeste Price – 26 years old, married, affluent, gorgeous – has just been hired as. Alissa Nutting’s publisher has borrowed from the same playbook to promote her first novel, “Tampa”: a black cover with bold red letters. A novel based on the true story of a teacher seducing a schoolboy has less to it than meets the eye, argues Duncan White.

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Tampa by Alissa Nutting – review | Books | The Guardian

This novel won’t be for everyone. The trial is merely skimmed over – fast-forward to verdict. Women are sometimes the predator and not the prey.

I am effectively stumped as to what the purpose of writing this book could have been and hence I am being generous by giving this 3 stars. But aside from the creation of this marvellously despicable character I don’t spot any other achievement in Nutting’s novel. I think this novel is hard to love and actually not that easy to like, either.

The author inscribed a copy of Tampa to her parents and here is a piece of that: Tampa does only one thing very well. She went thereI thought to myself.

All I can say is Nutting has a creepy and vulgar imagination I mean that as a compliment. We get all the mechanics of teacher-student sex spelled out very clearly. Celeste PriceJack Patrick.

Q&A with ‘Tampa’ Author Alissa Nutting

She grabs a knife and runs outside after him, naked and covered in Boyd’s blood. But a teen boy with a female teacher is victim of nothing more than the perfect teen male fantasy. But I have a big big problem with writing that straight up sucks. Tampa 7 26 Oct 30, He may as well have asked her if she needed a,issa hug, the poor girl. Instead, what I got was amateurish, banal masturbatory fodder.


Nktting is the power of physical beauty in this often garbage world. Tampa is heavily guilty on both counts, but is an example of why people shouldn’t discount a novel because of a low average rating, assuming that this is reflective of terrible writing. Tadzio or rather Jack shows up in one of her classes. They were gross, naturally, but weirdly poetic.

She should’ve had sex with them instead, or at least alisda sex with them before killing them. As the novel opens, fall semester at Jefferson Jr.

I’m not saying the two men are worlds apart at the core or anything; there is just no mistaking on Celeste’s part of her lustful alisda as genuine affection.

Out of ten gazillion cases of sexual harassment, you get one where the man is the victim. She’s diabolical, disgusting and kind of completely intriguing.

It reminded me of Gillian Flynn’s characters and the way she creates such fantastically evil women. After a certain point, any detail like the woman’s cheerleader hairstyle that implied youth simply looked ridiculous. During dinner Celeste gropes Jack under the table and Buck makes several poor attempts to woo her.

That is the trick Nutting is trying to pull off. Not once did it occur to her that what she was doing was wrong. Celeste is drop dead gorgeous with hardly any scruples and her concerns exclusively demand the satiation of her obsessive need. Tampa by Alissa Nutting.


Q&A with ‘Tampa’ Author Alissa Nutting

Frankly, it’s borderline disturbing. Bravo, Alissa Nutting, for creating one of the most memorable characters I’ve ever read.

Can attractive women really be rapists? When I was 14 years old and if a 26 year old blonde bombshell allowed me sexual encounters with her, nitting me to do anything I wanted with her, and her performing every conceivable pleasure known to man on me, would I have refused?

She has a one-track mind, how is that sophisticated? I’m getting behind the chorus of voices claiming this was slissa a gutsy way to gallop out of the new novelist gate, especially with an unfortunate last name like that. Unless it is a satire of sex offenders. Four out of five stars.

Ford’s new schedule means they are spending a great deal of time together, though she tries hard to avoid it. A review in the New Republic placed Tampa in the “uneasy, unresolved territory between erotica and satire. It was dirty and it was gritty and I kept feeling the urge to hand sanitize. What Nutting does particularly well is put us directly into Celeste’s body, the terrifying heat of it. Nutting attended the same Florida high school as Debra Lafave, who, inachieved notoriety for seducing one of her year-old students.