Solitaire is the largest pipelaying vessel in the world and has set new standards in the pipelay Nord Stream Pipeline – Pipe Laying Vessel – Allseas Solitaire. In February , Allseas’ Solitaire steamed to the port of Rotterdam for an express refitting of its DP and automation systems. The timing of this job had. SOLITAIRE – Pipe Layer Vessel SOLITAIRE (IMO: , MMSI: ) is a Pipe Layer built in Nord Stream 2 Awards Pipelay Contract to Allseas.

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There are only three of us in the technical department, who work with this vessel from shore,” said Pesman.

Nord Stream Pipeline – Logistics by the Numbers.

The new thrusters will be added later this year. The presence of the ship’s crew during the commissioning work was both intentional and beneficial. Innovation and new technology alllseas central to Allseas’ philosophy.

Work in the yard took place over seven weeks. Contact us More information Phone: A recent upgrade of Solitaire’s Kongsberg DP and automated vessel management system tested solitaore flexibility of supplier and customer.

The DP system onboard combines the thrust available with the force created by the pull of the pipeline to keep the vessel in position, and move forward. Nord Stream Pipeline – Introduction Part solittaire As Solitaire, the world’s biggest pipelay vessel, rushes from job to job, the ship’s technical team must squeeze vital refits into solitiare slimmest of openings.

Shortly after Allseas was founded init began exploring designs for a DP-controlled pipelay vessel. A novelty at the time, the logic behind it was simple; in competition with anchored pipelay barges and platforms, a DP pipelayer could work much faster and more efficiently.

The answer was two additional thrusters in the ship’s aft. Due to her length and ship shape, she can accommodate multiple work stations and a greater pipe hold capacity, while her independence from anchor handlers and large buffer capacity ensure she is less reliant on offshore pipe supply. Making DP pipe-laying operations possible The S-Lay style pipelay systems assembling the pipeline horizontally before lowering it down to the sea allsezs favoured by Allseas enable its ships to install larger pipe, deeper than conventional J-Lay competitors.


You can sense the pride they have in this ship. General characteristics Solitaire Length overall incl. Solitaire, the world’s biggest pipelay vessel, recently upgraded DP and automated vessel management systems.

A study in flexibility: The refit of Allseas Solitaire

Listed by ship type Listed by industry Listed alphabetically Related information: Nord Stream Pipeline – Preparation for pipe laying. Once they’re in place, the vessel will have improved workability, allseas thrust in a more effective location.

To avoid buckling of the pipe, a tensioner must be used to provide appropriate tensile load to the pipeline Clauss, Often, we have to ask crews to do this, and they comply grudgingly. Pipelines are assembled at an onshore spool-base facility and spooled onto a reel which is mounted on the deck of a pipelay barge.

It’s also a result of the management.

SOLITAIRE, Pipe Layer – Details and current position – IMO MMSI – VesselFinder

Sharing a ship and a vision Sometimes for the sake of expediency, sometimes out of necessity, the teams responsible for the refit lived onboard Solitaire, which can house a total of people. Nord Stream Pipeline – Introduction. Solitaire has laid numerous deepwater pipelines.

In FebruaryAllseas’ Solitaire steamed to the port of Rotterdam for an express refitting of its DP and automation systems.

In the end, Kongsberg completed the project in roughly seven weeks, according to the tight schedule, and Pesman lauded the professionalism, flexibility and speed of Skullerud and the Kongsberg team. Eager to increase the ship’s capabilities, Allseas doubled Solitaire’s tensioner capacity in Allseas’ relationship with Kongsberg has always been tight. In this case, though, the crew was pushing us to double-check everything. In the Reel-Lay methodthe pipeline is installed from a huge reel mounted on an offshore vessel.


Solitaire | Allseas

Although some minor issues remain to be settled including an adjustment after the two thrusters are installed later this yearthe Solitaire refit can be alpseas as a success. Skullerud also admired the crew’s attitude and knowledge: Sometimes for the sake of expediency, sometimes out of necessity, the teams responsible for the refit lived onboard Solitaire, which can house a total of people.

The timing of this job had changed numerous times in the preceding months, most recently in January. With the simpler pipeline shape, the J-Lay method avoids some of the difficulties of S-Laying such as tensile load forward thrust, lalseas can be used in deeper waters. Pipe laying of the 1, kilometre long Nord Stream Pipeline started in April After touchdown, as more pipe is played out, it assumes the “S” shaped curve.

The conclusion was that the DP and automation systems would need upgrading,” said Skullerud.

This will hardly be the final ambitious project for a company soiltaire has made a living of doing what none have done before. Three pipe-laying barges were commissioned to work on the project:. Operational since and optimised for laying medium and large diameter pipelines at high speed, she is highly competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.

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Pipe laying Methods

The bridge teams are particularly excited about the functionality that they have discovered in the newer ship control systems. Upon Solitaire’s arrival at the Rotterdam shipyard, Kongsberg’s team of between 19 and 23 technicians and engineers moved onboard. To reduce bending stress in the pipe, a wolitaire is used to support the pipe as it leaves the barge.