Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents. The Externals sourcebook reveals to players and Gamemasters alike the heart of the Released as a PDF only following the death of the Alternity line. Star Drive (stylized as Star*Drive) is a science fiction campaign setting that was published in by TSR, Inc. for the Alternity role-playing game. Alternity’s first setting was detailed in the Star Drive Campaign Setting () Professions. 3 Publications. Game books; Novels. 4 References; 5 External links.

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This agreement has held the peace, barely, for the last three decades. Some of them are just the opposite. In these pages you’ll meet: A corporation that introduces revolutionary devices into the American home.

The Omega Agenda challenges heroes to investigate the disappearance of oxygen runners on the planet’s surface and expose an insidious enemy threatening the rhodium trade. Red Starrise “In the far future, representatives of the Galactic Concord make the first trip to the Verge in almost a century.

Bioweapon research developed from samples taken from the depths of the Earth. It starts with a call for help, and now a rescue mission speeds through drivespace toward a distant colony at Hammer’s Star. They found that it contained the location of what could only be a klick base. Characters are typically employed and have an allegiance to a company or government.

This comprehensive guide to characters with fantastic abilities is guaranteed to change the way you play the game. Lucid Technologies has a problem. Also included are adventure suggestions designed to bring characters and creatures together – whether the heroes are ready to face them or not. At the far end of the Verge, alien species unheard of before the Second Galactic War have begun to stir.


It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Star Drive – Wikipedia

Yet amid thes bewildering oppurtunities, even the bravest need a place to call home. Tangents is a sourcebook! The mighty fortress ship Monitor and its support fleet rush across hundreds of light-years, desperate to answer the distress call and unravel the riddle of the outpost on the farthest edge of the Verge Wizards of the Coast. In these pages you’ll find details on the station, her occupants, and a description of life and adventure aboard the Lighthouse: It starts at the Kendai communications relay, where the newly formed Galactic Concord hopes to reestablish contact with a frontier region that was cut off at the height of the conflict.

A Guide to FX “If you can imagine it, you can play it! In the course of the past five centuries, humans have contacted several alien races. Pilot a starship into uncharted territory, make a smuggling run to an occupies star system, contact a new alien species, and bring galactic criminals to justice. If the heroes fail in their quest to end the terrorists’ rampage through alternate dimensions, there’s no predicting the consequences!

When the Treaty of Concord brought an end to the war inStarMech recalled and deactivated its Warhulks Mindwalker, mutant, and cybertech options are included.

atlernity A period of stellar colonization of habitable worlds ensues, led by six wealthy power blocs. Alien Compendium 2 – Exploration of “Join the crew of the CSV Kepler as they visit strange new worlds, explore uncharted stars, and encounter lifeforms ranging from the marvelous to the terrifying in the continuation of their mission to catalog the aliens of the Verge!

Gamma Terra is what’s left, a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous alternit armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology.

This led to a pullback of the humans from their maximum expansion, isolating many colonies. A Guide to FX features: The news from the Verge isn’t all good, but what news ever is?


Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Or close your eyes in cryogenic slumber as you cross the galaxy? Threats from Beyond “One Grid Net journalist, known to a alernity of Grid users as “Avatar,” has dug through the rumors and conspiracies to get at the truth of the many perils facing the Verge. Much of the material created for this altermity setting was later reused in the d20 Future supplement of the d20 Modern role-playing game. The game world includes a variety of standard fare science fiction features.

Just don’t linger – you never know who might be watching. Lying disabled and unnoticed in an insignificant star system, the Warhulk designated Ares 22 was stranded.

Klicks have strange, wedge-shaped bodies covered with smooth, chitinous plates. Both its stardrive and its AI unit had been damaged – the ship could not return home, and as a result it never discovered that the war had ended. Human beings have built starships and founded a civilization reaching hundreds of light-years across the galaxy.

The war continued for over years, leaving worlds devastated and nations and alliances in difficult financial straits. Best of all, you’re the hero who makes the next big discovery, stops the next insidious threat to humankind, or carries out the next heart-stopping rescue in the face of impossible odds!

By combining two pieces of technology, the induction engine and the mass reactorit allows travel at FTL speeds through the extra-dimensional medium of “Drivespace”.

The Last Warhulk is once again operational – and on the prowl for enemies to annihilate. The “stardrive” is a type of hyperdrive that operates on the principles of gravity induction.