Anadelta Tessera is a multifunctional, highly configurable highway design and Tessera includes an advanced terrain triangulation and processing subsystem. Anadelta Tessera is the platform of choice for Greek road construction and design companies. Tessera is highly configurable and can be easily. صورة من برنامج ANADELTA TESSERA Road Design Software البرنامج ده بيتم استخدامه فى تصميم الطرق و هو يعتبر من اضخم البرامج على الاطلاق في تصميم الطرق .

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It includes a sophisticated terrain system which supports features such as breaklines, nested calculation boundaries, extensive post-processing capabilities as well as advanced visualization capabilities. All Rights Reserved Designed by Digitalbox. It is very easy to define the initial road layout, which can later anadeltaa refined by using the program’s advanced road planning functions.

Finally, Tessera can print and export all generated designs and tables. The roadway surface is constantly recalculated and visible during the design stage.

All Rights Reserved Designed by Digitalbox. Teessera demo [47MB] – Version: New volumetric capabilities such as center of mass calculation, filtered anadelfa slopes, ability to print graphical results, export them as solids and produce detailed tables of all prism coordinates, areas and volumes that can serve as deliverables.

Tessera is a multifunctional road design and construction program. In either case, the new cross section is added back to the library.


While it has been designed with large scale projects in mind, it is very practical and efficient even for smaller tasks. After applying the selected typical cross section template, the resulting cross sections can be freely edited and the program will recalculate all affected quantities.

New unified diagrams for each road, facilitating project management. By taking advantage of the rich library of typical cross section templates included in the program, the user can quickly and accurately model the required cross sections.

It offers a range of sophisticated features for precise planning, analysis, and production of drawings as well as tables. During the next stage, the program produces the terrain profile along the corridor as well as at the cross sections. The corridor sidelines are computed by taking into account the initial road width as well as any widenings that the user has placed along the road. New hierarchical architecture for object properties.

The long section can be modified anadleta using the mouse, while the program displays helpful information such as slopes and height differences to the user as well as any specific geometric properties of the road at the current anadelts position. Anadelta Software on Facebook.

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Anadelta Tessera version 3. As of today, we offer a leasing option for Tessera Standard and Professional. Anadelta Tessera is a multifunctional, highly configurable highway design and construction program.


Tessera features a complete set of transition curves which can be freely combined to produce the actual corridor layout. Anadelta Tessera is the platform of choice for Greek ansdelta construction and design companies.

New work environment with support for docked windows and multiple simultaneous views. New Object Inspector with a multitude of new visualization, grouping and processing capabilities. New terrain model features such as full support for layers, new rendering options, new WYSIWIG printing engine, parametric simplification, etc.

Anadelta Tessera Tutorial – 3D View

Tessera is highly configurable and can be easily adapted to each specific project’s parameters. Even if anadeltz exact match is not found, the user can either modify an existing typical cross section or visually construct a new one from scratch.

Anadelta Software on Facebook. Anadelta Tessera version 3. The printing process is highly configurable, satisfying even the most sophisticated presentation needs. As of today, we offer a leasing option for Tessera Standard and Professional.

And many more new features.