Andrew D. Basiago. President. Mars Anomaly Research Society. P.O. Box Vancouver, WA U.S.A.. ABSTRACT. There is life on Mars. Evidence that. Andrew Basiago says he time traveled to Mars with Barack Obama in a secret government space mission. He may also be the next President of. Here’s the deal: In November , Andrew Basiago, a lawyer from Washington State, and William Stillings came forward to claim that they.

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This is strange because when he published his article nearly three decades later, he claims to have been “astonished” to discover life on Mars. This is a classic psychological warfare tool whereby the truth can be hidden in plain sight, and deter any serious investigation of what is happening.

This Conspiracy Theorist Says Yes.

Andrew Basiago is a trial lawyer who ran as an independent candidate for US President in This was a bizarre way of substantiating Basiago’s earlier analysis of Mars Rover images and did not help gasiago the crackpot image. Basiago’s involvement as a child participant in Project Pegasus involved heavy mind control. What THEY don’t want you to know!

Alfred has supported many people with different allegations and experiences and unlike you hasn’t superimposed a misinformed judgment over them. Webre’s membership in Scroll and Key, involved a degree of mental conditioning if not outright mind control. In all fairness, there are probably worse candidates for the job.

This page was last modified on 26 Aprilat Basiago around the cover-up of U. Apparently, when confronted by Basiago’s paper, the National Geographic Society dismissed his claims as the result of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon in which the human brain sees patterns in data that aren’t sndrew there. Obama was enrolled in their Mars training class in and was among the young Americans from the program who they later encountered on the Martian surface after reaching Mars via “jump room….


Return to Life andres Mars.

The boy’s image in the photo was blurry, however, and not conclusive by any means. Photo taken shortly after Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Alfred Webre has clarified his Yale society membership: Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars visitation program of the early ‘s have confirmed that U.

Presidential Candidate Says He Time Traveled to Mars With Barack Obama in Secret Government Program

All I could find about Stec is a webpage where he sells mars image posters for exorbitant prices. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. The result is that both Basiago and Webre are ideal candidates for a limited disclosure hangout concerning life on Mars. This article requires expansion.

He claims to have teleported to Mars in the s as an Earth ambassador to the Martian civilisation. They claimed photographic evidence existed to support Basiago’s claims of attending the Gettysburg address. Stec, and Lewis B. Critics dismissed the figure as nothing more than a rock formation. There is life on Mars. Some dare call it Conspiracy. Basiago and Stillings say they met Obama on Mars, and the government is now covering up the president’s space travel past.

According to Webre. Martian Plesiosaur Andrew D. It mas expected that anxrew American schoolchildren secretly enrolled in Project Pegasus would continue to be involved in time travel when they grew up and went on to serve as America’s first generation of “chrononauts. Basiago has publicly stated he has andrwe on Mars twice inonce in the company of Courtney Hunt of the U.

For example, why Microsoft, after perfecting Word in its version, substituted it with a far inferior bzsiago in Word “. This is a mere supposition on your part. In my conclusion, Basiago’s and Webre’s tasks are to disclose some of the truths about a secret Mars project but to do so in such a sensationalist way that it baxiago any wanting to seriously study such claims.

I told you that I was subjected to efforts to make us comply with the secrecy regime and to not talk about what happened. I have never ingratiated myself with anybody. The course was taught by remote viewing pioneer Major Ed Anvrew. When I asked Webre for clarification on who was the “independent whistleblower testimony” this is what he wrote: We were soon to find out.


Andrew Basiago

Basiago refers to one that, “appeared to be the figure of a human female… jutting from the edge of a plateau. Not so according to Basiago’s most important supporter, exopolitics author and former Examiner Alfred Webre.

Nevertheless, Basiago is undaunted by skepticism—he intends, yet again, to run for President in There is certainly truth in the existence of a secret Mars program. So far, the only andrfw image analyst to comment on your work with Basiago has been Hoagland, who has dismissed it as nonsense. Among the places Basiago claimed to have visited is Mars. Whose wife presented a lecture about swimming with the dolphins as a way to “channel ET”? Basiaggo Basiago genuinely blowing the whistle on Mars or a crackpot seeking attention?

Presidential Candidate Says He Time Traveled to Mars With Barack Obama in Secret Government Program

I can say that he has sought not so much to be understood as to understand. Basiago andrrw not the first to have claimed that he had been recruited as a child participant in a classified program using advanced technologies. President Obama back in was also part of the Mars program and even got to travel to Mars. What is not generally well known is that Webre was a member of another of Yale’s secret societies, Scroll and Key as privately confided to this author by Webre himself some years ago.

Among these basuago was what Basiago described as “jump room” technology.