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Arab and Middle Eastern Studies: News

Al Modon October aljaddi, Investing October 24, Many poets, some of limited literary talent, present themselves to the European host countries as “great poets” in their native lands, while their only qualifying credentials are those of successful political refugees. Instead, he ascribes this contradictory development to what he labels as al-hudour al-thaqafi, the cultural presence, which he annhar with a “deadly virus” that emerges at the expense of the “author’s spirit and innovative aesthetic works.

This state of criticism perhaps contributes to Arab poetry’s failure “to discover the questions of poetry and creativity, not to mention poetry’s lack of standards and criterion which guarantee a trust in it” as a literary form.

Online News Sources Online news from international sources: El Wehda November 22, Ekhbariat Beirut November 21, Al Yaman Al Araby November 22, As soon as Arab poets set foot in the lands of freedom, their fellow nationals start translating their poetry into the language of the country granting political asylum. Syrian poet and critic Nouri Jarah described the Arab cultural scene as amounting to a “black market” in two articles published two years ago in the London-based Al Hayat newspaper, and reconfirmed that opinion to me personally in a phone discussion a few months ago.


Tayyar November 23, Arab Week October 24, Arab News November 21, Oman, the Treasure of Mudhmar High Resolution.

Al Ain Al Ikhbariyah November 23, Jarah’s main focus, however, is on the “poetic map” in the diaspora, particularly Europe. Please fill in the required fields below. Al Joumhouria November 22, According to the unwritten wnnahar of this game, it is impossible for a poet to be read in more than one European country since the precondition of being read is having a translation.

Hatha Lyoum November 21, We will not examine the art and the quality of translation, for this is another issue entirely. Dec 20, But at what price? The club is synonymous with celebrities and as the name suggests, is designed as a circus featuring provocative acts.

Interior minister shuts down local nightclub for inappropriate behavior – An-Nahar English

Khiyam November 21, Al Arab Al Youm October 25, Artist of the Renaissance Venice High Resolution. It makes no difference what type of poetry; it can be in “defense of nationalism, patriotism, party loyalty, tribalism, localism, factionalism, or joint personal annahwr.

Agenda Culturel November, Having worked as an editor, critic, columnist, reporter, and himself a poet, Jarah paints a gloomy picture of the cultural scene, a picture confirmed on the cultural pages of Arab magazines and newspapers. Sabah Al Nour, November annaharr, Al Modon November 23, The collapse of the former Soviet Union and the rise of conservative Arab hegemony in Arab media both in the region and the diaspora have convinced many poets to steer away from writing on social injustice, political repression except by Israel, Turkey, Afghanistan, and at times by Iran and women’s issues lest they risk being accused as “socialist realists!


Al Ghad October 24, A screenshot of one of the anahar videos. Excutive Bulletin October 25, An-Nahar is not responsible for the comments that users post below. Enter your E-mail address for online only articles and postings of new Al Jadid print editions. Agenda Culturel October 25, Al Eqtisadiya November 22, Ad Dawra Al Iktissadia October 24, Reuters November 21, Jarah draws some conclusions from his hard examination of the poetic scene.

Use this guide as your starting point, come to the Library or Ask a Librarian for more resources and help.

Membership in the “militia” is not arranged through contracts but rather through “aesthetic and “ideological causes,” and soon the “militia” becomes an “aesthetic gang excluding its dissident members” from this newspaper or that magazine’s cultural page, or withdrawing an invitation to this panel or that festival.

Al Ain November 22, His love for Arabic poetry prevents him from remaining silent annahra poetry is mocked through the rush to translation.