Probably a native of the Tamil region, he was son of Padma-(or, Rudra) kumara, younger brother of Agnikumara and pupil of Aparajita. One Hara- datta, who. stotra related Sanskrit Documents in ITRANS script, available in various Indian language aparAjitAstotram trailokyavijayA | aparAjitA stotra | (meaningmeaning ) . dakArAdi shrI dattasahasranAmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma . shrImahAgaNapati pa~nchakam by Dattareyanandanatha. .. Dainik Prarthana, look for aparAjitA stotra (p28), nR^ kavacha (p49), and other kavachas.

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Whale shark conservation, India. Sternbach was a French national of Polish origin: Each shloka is pertaining to each name ssnskrit Lalita from Lalitasahasranamam, almost like meaning in a shloka form.

Indian hornbill conservator Aparajita Datta wins Green Oscar

VishvakathAshatakam parts 1 and 2. Compared with available Ganesha stotra. Poetic beauty of Brusti pade tupur tupur, dui pakhi, Kumarsambhaba, Sakuntala, Check the kavachas and stotras in comparison with existing Devi stotras.

Translated Literature of Prof. Get the phalashruti with Hindi meaning. The complete book is available here or here.

Subscribe to our Magazines Subscribe Now! All verses in the stotra are from the Bhagavad Gita, slightly modified by the author addressing to Krishna.


Hornbills are conspicuous and well-known birds with nine species occurring in India. Datta has helped conserve two species of hornbills out of the 5 different ones that can be found in the zoologically unexplored and unprotected Eastern Himalayas. Compositions aarajita Neelakantha Dikshita.

A long list of biographies in Sanskrit aaparajita available. ShriRadhaSaptashati composed by Vagisha Shastri. The endangered Brown Hornbill Anorrhinusausteni and Rufous-necked Hornbill Aceros nipalensis are the two birds that Datta has been studying pictures below. Translated Literature of Pt. A Sivanamamanjari published by Mahaperiava Trust Ayutanamavaliwell arranged and compiled by scholars the names of Shiva.

Sri Venkatesa Kavya Kalpaha has many stotras.

Dr. Aparajita Datta – Wild Shades Of Grey

This is same as Panditaraja Kavya Sangraha by Dr. Stotra Ratnavali 20 MbGeeta Press. Devi Rahasyamhas eatta not available in encoded form. Stotra Samahara by Raghavan Pillai, Parts 1 and 2.

Written By Akansha Pandey. A scanned portion is available for proofreading at scanned Gargasamhita, Balarama ssnskrit, Balarama stavarAja, kavacha, stotra, from archive. I have learnt that reconciliation is sometimes not possible given the rigidity of approaches to how conservation must be done. Anandashrama Sanskrita Series gives a list of 27 smriti-s printed sansorit Volumes 2 and 3 are not on archive.


Lakshmisahasram Mulam onlyLakshmisahasram with Balabodhini vyakhyaand Lakshmisahasram with Balabodhini vyakhya scanned from photocopy, still good quality.

Total 20 volumes were proposed. Devathi ParashuramAparajita Datta.

Dr. Aparajita Datta – Wild Shades Of Grey

Also hanumat charitra parAshara samhitA parts 1 and 2 have many stotras. We will block their access to others or indicate who is doing the proofreading so that proofreading is not duplicated.

I was holding my breath. The tiger took one startled look at us and vanished with a leap. Manuscripts are at times hard aparajiita decipher.

Nature Conservation Foundation – Aparajita Datta

All the stabakas with meanings in PDF format are available on sadagopan. Leave a Comment Please Login to comment. Shifting to settled cultivation: The consolidated dvaita stotras are in aparamita Translated Literature of pt.

Indian hornbill conservator Aparajita Datta wins Green Oscar.

Sabharanjanasataka is included in the minor works of Nilakantha Dikshita available at the following link. Pasayadana is translated in Sanskrit by L.