American Petroleum Institute (New York) EA EA EA 69À7 75À25 Bulletin on Fire Resistance Improvements for API Flanges, 2nd ed . PED 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive). European Normalisations: EN/ ISO Guidelines on noise. Medical Research Report EA API posure to noise at work. 12 May 12 Guidelines on Noise, API Medical Research. Report EA 13 Man who killed after months of TV noise is.

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Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications

ra Testrecordsincludingwelding jointshave been inspected for leakswith procedure qualifications, welder performance qualifica- soapsolution,Ifnoleaks are found, the tions and pressure testing should be in accordance with pressure should be increased in increments ANSI B Insu- 2 Use venturi conical type reducers to avoid latingmaterial,suchasmagnesia]that abrupt changes in flow pattern.

Based on these considera- fromtheirnormalpositionsunlessthestem tions, specific suggestions for the applicationof certain packing is carefully adjusted.

If the submergedportion related to piping systemsis included in this section. Recheck the source of theshut-inwellhead pressurerequirements. Detailed mechanical wear]or other damage.

AmericanSociety of Mechanical Engineers. Ball check valves are very similar to lift plug check valves.

Thetwo environmentandtheprocessstream canbe most commonly used types of pipe are ASTM continuouslymaint. Consideration should also be given to tube failure in heat exchangers where the operat- pressure, a relief device should be close- ing pressure of the heating fluid system exceeds coupled to the reduction device.

Medical Research Report EA The allowable workingpressuresandtempera- tures described above consider the metalvalve 2 For lowpressure psig or lower salt water parts only. American Petroleum Institute API aspects of hydrocarbonservicecontaininghydrogen Recommended Practices are published to facilitate the sulfide. A typicalthree-phase processvessel with standard accessories andmany c. Additionally, the design components and to dispose of the relieved prod- should limit back pressure.


The standards under which pipe is manufactured pipe,fittings,and fluid, 3 external loadings,and permit a variationin wall thickness below nominal wall 4 thermalexpansionaresignificantinthestress thickness. Only air or nitrogen with should not be done if there is danger that the qual- or withouttracers shouldbeused asthetest ity of the weld may be affected by atmospherlc medium.

In the design of platform piping systems, graphic or ultrasonic methods and documented provisionsshouldbe made to protect personnelfrom forcomparhonwithfuturesurveys. Where the nominal internal offset is more than of sketches a to f SeeSketch g. They arefrequently fullopeningvalve spherelaunching or receiving, used forinstrumentandpressuregage block minimumpressuredroprequired,meterproving, valves; for throttling small volumes of instru- pump suction, etc.

However, the rnstitute makesno tions, Other materials that may be suitable for representation,warranty or guaranteein connection platform piping systems have notbeen included with the publication of this Recommended Practice and becausethey are not generally used. Cop- in weatherproofenclosures or in fire loop safety per pipe maybeusedyithinthe confines of systems SeeSection 2. Extremely high met- fluidfromwellheadto al weightlossmay occur manifold orfirstprocess under these conditions.

API 6A valves operation. Throttling,especiallywith tically on shutdown of the prime mover.

Connec- 2 On the flanged end of the shell, exchanger U- tions may be desired near the wellhead for chemi- bends, if used, should either be exposed to the cal injection and for obtaining samples See Fig- exterior, or easily accessible for nondestructive Ures 5.


Criteria Slang Criteria for Liquid 14 15 General. If internal coatings are RP,Sections 10, 12, 13 and Thermal insu- necessity of dehydrating the gas prior lation should be in accordance with Section 6. This velocity will nor- Eq.

API type been derated as sutlined above. ANSI B31,3 contains details and bleed ball valves should be in the one forqualifyingwelders,includingthevariables halfopenposition during testing.

API 14E for offshore | the thinh nguyen –

Only carbon steel materials are to reduce the possibility of accidentalmisapplication. The Controls Institute equation may be used: Pai is recommended experience in design, fabricationor inspection of indus- that platformpiping in hydrocarbonservice trial pressure piping should be required to qualify as regardless of servicetemperatureand pres- an authorized inspector.

Fabricated components should changing trim, removing trash, etc. Speciallymachinedhubsand ringgaskets are required on valves and fittings to mate with the e. This may beaccomplished with an in- openings and 730 as the fluid velocity in- sulating flange above the water and insulating creases. By havinganequivalent figure and fittingstable. If a pilot operated relief valve is used, restors should be inspectedperiodically theupstreamvalvingisnotrequiredfor for paraffinbuild-up.