Download Appavin Manaivi. Of the serials, ‘Appavin Manaivi’ has a strong storyline. Monday evenings with ‘ Madhumitha’ at 8 p.m., followed by ‘Appavin Manaivi’ at appavin sunni thanni aval naittiyaal mukaththai thudaisittu, yen sunniyai nakkiye மனைவி Appavin Manaivi மழை பேஞ்சு ஊரெல்லாம்.

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It was Euripides who said: I did some intermittent viewing of the Vijay TV channel on two consecutive week-days in the evenings and here is a chronicle of what appealed to me and what did not.

Could not godmen and gods be avoided in advertisements and product promotion? The apavin of the story is sketched and interesting scenes telecast. The will to lure Next: I did not count myself among the fortunate few to view the ‘Athristha Neram’ of K.

The prints appear dull and lifeless. They are accompanied by comments to match and an interesting half-hour speeds by. Monday evenings with ‘Madhumitha’ at 8 p.

[PDF] Appavin Manaivi – Free Download PDF

Perhaps the programmes could be better spaced. The title songs for both the serials are melodious. This is true of TV satellite channels too. The late afternoon movies are as old as the hills and most often straight from the cans since the names are totally unheard of.


Appavin Manaivi

More effort aappavin be made to improve the quality of the programmes. Instead of advocating prayer and faith he advocates gems for the wearing and relieving?

Better family entertainers, bearing in mind housewives who have the time for relaxed viewing, would be welcome. Though conversant with Tamil I could not enjoy or appreciate it.

They keep us abreast of what is happening around us and besides, “short is always beautiful.

The Hindu : Interesting pot pourri

They are advised to use gems to mitigate their sufferings. It must be said to the credit of the channel that the advertisements in between are the fewest and shortest. Consequently, anyone failing to measure up to this yardstick is washed out of business or the field in question.

Of the serials, ‘Appavin Manaivi’ has a strong storyline. Jewellery and Gems at 6 p.

We have to strain our eyes and memories to recognise the earliest editions of some of our present day artistes and sometimes this could be quite hilarious. The news headlines are most popular being short and crisp. A rishi is a man of god who has renounced all material goods and spends his life in meditation and prayer.



The skit was disjointed and abrupt but what was not in good taste was getting a sadhu in meditation to hand out a K. A more elaborate version of this appears to be the ‘New Release’ on Friday evenings when a particular movie is reviewed in detail for the viewers.

The Tamil translation does not synchronise well and the charm of the original is lost in the process.