ApplicationformInstructionBooklet-V Uploaded by .. your passport. and (ii). I (A) (3) in Table 2: List of Applicant Categories and Documents to be submitted”. ApplicationformInstructionBooklet-V Uploaded by sotyakam .. 54 for ‘List of sixteen documents’ Have you ever changed your name?> If you have ever. INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING OF PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM AND SUPPLEMENTARY FORM. CAUTION A passport is issued under the Passports Act.

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This consultation closes on Monday 12 November Banks, building societies and investment firms – 27 January: We work with the Financial Conduct Authority FCA to make sure the regulatory reporting processes for dual-regulated firms are efficient.

HDMF Official Site

Branch Return Form – amended July Update: Notice and request for allowance of lien. Notice of pre-designation of personal physician. We wanted to draw attention to a proposed change to the Branch Return Form.

Request for reconsideration of summary rating by the administrative director. Form CY and audited annual accounts should be submitted within six months of the credit union’s financial year end.

Regulatory reporting – banking sector

The PRA is aware that firms will need information on the precise mechanism by which that data will be collected to assist with implementation. The Bank of England Electronic Data Submission BEEDS user guide has been updated to incorporate changes that have been made as part of ongoing system maintenance, as well as important information regarding account practices.


Contact If you have any queries on regulatory reporting contact the Firm Enquiries Team: Attorney Fee Disclosure Statement Rev. They are being applied at the current glide path factor. The PS also includes details of the following waivers, rule modifications and notifications:. Data submissions for the testing period will commence with end October data being collected in November Independent medical review application. The PRA will aim to provide firms with an update on this in Q4 This includes the potential for some recognition in the Pillar 2 liquidity framework of the ability to draw on Bank of England liquidity facilities, where firms have access arrangements and appropriate collateral in place.


Audit report of inventory. We will shortly consult on this change to the existing form. Notice to Employees – Injuries caused by work – English and Spanish. Request for summary rating determination – primary treating physician report.

Request for public records. Firms requesting to report any of the following templates according to their accounting reference date ARD should use the notification form below to do so. We published an amended Branch Return Form. RFB data items and instructions The table below includes links to the data items and instructions, which take effect from 1 January for firms subject to ring fencing. applicationforrminstructionbooklet

The PRA will aim to publish the final v3. Until then, we would be grateful if firms are able to use the amended form from now onwards. Form CQ should be submitted within one month of the end of the quarter to which it relates.


This section provides details of data items firms submit to the PRA, and supporting instructions and taxonomy including:. MPN response to petition for suspension or revocation of a medical provider network – Part B.

To assist firms with their submission of PRA, we published v3. Lien filing fees refund request.

We will aim to publish the final v3. The submission is due within 15 business days of the reporting date. Employer’s report of occupational injury or illness. The form should be emailed to FinrepNotifications bankofengland. We ask that when submitting the Branch Return Form applicationforminstructionbooklef do not make any change to the structure or format of the file, and do not password protect it.

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Firms that do not have an accounting year end of 31 December can applicationfor,instructionbooklet for a rule modification via the modification by consent process which would enable them to delay application of the new rules and new format reporting until the start of their financial year beginning in Primary treating physician’s progress report Tips for using this form. Would you like to give more detail? Reporting scope, thresholds, reference dates and remittance dates can be found on the European Banking Authority website.