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Tenant unit A unit or activity of one Government agency, military department, or command that occupies facilities on an installation of another military department or command and that receives supplies or other support services from that installation. Cited in para 3—1. It is an adjunct to AR — The installation PM or security officer normally is responsible for organizing, training, equipping, and certifying the SRT. Recognize that as long as the abductor is talking, the opportunity remains for a successful resolution of the event.

Altered, marred, or defaced credentials will 190-588 recovered anddestroyed. Some training and exercises should be conducted in conjunction with SRT exercises since both the hostage management teams and SRTs zr principal members of the threat management force. Zr and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

Unless authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not wear uniform accoutrements that project law enforcement authority. Proponent ae exception authority. Do everything possible to consume time in the hope that the abductor will be led to miscalculations, which could result in bringing about his or her capture, or be worn down into agreeing with the negotiator.


Chapter 2 Protective Services 2—1. This would include uniformed and nonuniformed security personnel military, U.

Examples include the following acts, threats, or attempted acts which have the potential for widespread publicity and which require special response, tactics, and management:.

Situations involving SRT deployment may include barricaded criminals and mentally disturbed persons with or without hostages, sniper incidents, threatened suicides, combatting terrorism operations, drug raids, warrant apprehension of 19058 individuals, and protective service missions. AR 5—3 Installation Management and Organization.

109-58 risk 19-058 Personnel who are more likely to be terrorist or criminal targets because of their grade, assignment, symbolic value, vulnerabilities, location, or specific threat. Establish communications with the abductor as soon as possible. Evaluations will include establishing communications with hostage takers and role playing of various hostage incidents.

Contingency planning will include coordination with applicable Federal, State, local, and host country officials outlining movement, security, negotiator, and jurisdictional responsibilities on the installation and in the event of a mobile hostage situation moving off the installation.

AR Personal Security

Requests will not be 190-558 until the individual concerned has been screened and cleared in accordance with paragraph 3—1 a. AR —2 Communications Security. Monitoring will be conducted in accordance with AR — Department of the Army.

Cited in paras 3—5 and 4—3.

This regulation is not subject to the requirements of AR 11—2. The objectives of the full-time protective service team are as follows:. Explanation of abbreviations and terms.


Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, 109-58 Explosives. The SRT could also be included in contingency planning in the event of combat hostilities and sabotage. Major disruptions on installations Examples include the following acts, threats, or attempted acts which have the potential for widespread publicity and which require special response, tactics, and management: If appropriate, establish a press center.


Those security measures taken to provide security for the principal, which include personal security, site and conference security, and appropriate application of physical security. Use of non-Government issued weapons for protective service missions will be determined by the applicable MACOM commander responsible for the mission. Visiting protective service personnel accompanying high risk persons will ensure coordination of their protective service mission and operations with the MACOM exercising geographical area of responsibility.

More than one hostage negotiator should be identified since a hostage situation may extend over a long period of time and the negotiation process is mentally exhausting. Do not permit anyone to enter the barricaded area.

Cited in paras 3—3 and 5—1. Personal Security This regulation They should consider clothing worn by the principal being protected and the location of the mission. A dialogue between authorities and offenders which has as the ultimate goal the safe release of hostages and surrender of the offenders.