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provide extensive information about AR ( ). provide extensive information about Clarification to AR Enlisted Promotions and Reductions (). Start studying AR – Enlisted Promotions and Reductions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Conducting a 6600-8-19 board for Soldiers on a recommended list, page 55 Table 4—1: Army Reserve Element, and multi-component commands or units —Continued. Army Reserve troop program unit, Army Reserve Element, and multi-component commands or unitspage Receive reports from BN HR.

First-line leaders will formally counsel Soldiers, in writing, who are eligible for promotion to PV2 through SSG without a waiver fully qualified but not recommended for promotion.

Eligibility 6008–19 posthumous promotion is as follows:. Unit CDRs may recommend: Army Reserve Active Guard Reserve.

A Soldier who is reduced one or more grades will receive the appropriate certificate when again promoted. Eligibility criteria for recommendation and promotion Establishment of more stringent criteria for use in determining eligibility for promotion recommendation other than provided for in this regulation is prohibited. Criteria for qualification and selection in career progression military occupational specialty CPMOS apply.

Strict adherence to this timeline will be enforced by HRC. Multiply step 1 by total allowable with waivers or as announced by HQDA. Soldiers ineligible solely based on DES processing remain otherwise eligible. Processing command initiated removals from a centralized promotion list, page 64 Table 6—1: If the parent organization concurs, it will provide copies of all available promotion-related documents to the Soldier in the most expeditious manner. Provided otherwise eligible in accordance with para 1—10Soldiers who are not on a recommended list at the time.

For special MOS alignment promotion to meet Army readiness, Soldiers will be promoted effective on the graduation date from the MOS-qualifying school, which occurs after all training phases are completed and the MOS is awarded, provided they are otherwise eligible in accordance with paragraph 1—10 including required PME. However, the Soldier will not be promoted from the list ahead of another qualified instructor or drill sergeant on the list who is within a reasonable distance of the position, available for assignment or assigned, and who possesses the required duty military occupational specialty DMOS and skill qualifications identifier SQI.


The TIS and TIG requirements will not be waived to determine eligibility for promotion or promotion selection when Soldiers are officially declared missing. When a Soldier has been erroneously promoted and has received pay at the higher grade, a determination of de facto status may be made only to allow the Soldier to keep any pay and allowances received at the higher grade.

The Flag must be closed using Flag code PE no later than the 2nd working day following the date the Soldier would have been automatically promoted. Reduction for misconduct civil convictionpage Table 10—4: Psychological operations specialist Regular Army only. For Soldiers promoted to PV2 through SGM entitled to a promotion effective date that exceeds 6 months prior to the date of the promotion instrument, the following will be entered in the special instructions: A MT will be considered for promotion under the same criteria as other enlisted Soldiers; however, if acceptance of a promotion would affect the MTs condition of employment as a MT, to include job relocation, the MT may decline the promotion without penalty.

Soldiers should maintain a copy for their personal records. Effective date of promotion to SGT will be the 6008-19 the Soldier meets both of the following: Questions should focus on leadership, awareness of military programs, and knowledge of basic Soldiering and world affairs.

No person is entitled to additional benefits such as additional pay and allowances because of a posthumous promo- tion.

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Erroneous promotions and de facto status. Minimum time requirement for promotion pinon as of the 1st day of the promotion month To SSG— Secondary zone: Noncommissioned Officer Education System requirement for promotion and conditional promotion Development of our NCO Corps is an essential element of our institutional success.


In instances where a Soldier fails to complete training, the BN HR will administratively reduce the Soldier to their former rank held and, if previously removed from a recommended list to SGT, reinstate that Soldier to that list for USAR only, grant former points attainedprovided the Soldier remains otherwise qualified in accordance with paragraph 1— Correcting Erroneous Promotions specialist and below.

Reduction for misconduct civil convictionpage Must be in compliance with AR —9.

AR Enlisted Promotions and Reductions :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Centralized promotion boards, 600-8-1 Table 7—3: Attached personnel may be promoted or recommended for promotion only with the concurrence of the parent unit. The CDRs of provisional units organized under the provisions of AR —5 600-88-19 promotion authority as follows: Eligibility criteria for recommendation Regular Army and U.

Soldiers conditionally promoted to SGM but are unable to meet the condition of their promotion as a result in a finding of unfit by the DES process or State surgeon for Title 32 ARNG personnel per AR 40— will not be subject to administrative reduction provided otherwise qualified to retain promotable status in accordance with this regulation.

Counseling is mandatory upon initial non-recommendation once fully eligible without waiver in the primary zone and a minimum 600-8-199 quarterly, thereafter, until the Soldier is recommended for promotion or is no longer eligible for recommendation. Through training, NCOs achieve the tactical and technical competence that builds confidence and adaptability.

Updated AR Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

Work executed at the command and staff level. Personnel support work is performed in the MPD or in a base operations support 6600-8-19. A promotion is effective as of the date on the promotion instrument. Update BN HR file.