J. L. ACKRILL, Aristotle’s Categories and De Interpretatione. Translated with Notes (Clarendon Aristotle Series). Oxford, Clarendon Press, VII, p. Pr. sh. Aristotle’s Categories is a singularly important work of philosophy. It not only .. Ackrill finds Aristotle’s division of quality at best unmotivated. The Categories is a text from Aristotle’s Organon that enumerates all the possible kinds of Aristotle’s own text in Ackrill’s standard English version is: Of things.

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In aristotlf, some of those defenders have gone so far as to provide something of a deduction of the species in the category from various metaphysical principles.

So, for instance, we might ask — how tall is Socrates? The issue concerning the origin of the categories can be raised by asking the most difficult question there is about any philosophical position: Under these species, we can suppose, fall the particulars that belong to that species.

So, one might think, there are predicates that attribute to primary substances properties the having of which suffices for that substance to be an individual of some kind. If we put these possibilities together, we arrive at the following four-fold system of classification: East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Second, Aristotle’s category of relatives raises interpretive issues, in particular the issue concerning what exactly his categorical scheme is meant to classify.

If there are non-substantial particulars, then Socrates’ whiteness is a numerically distinct particular from Plato’s whiteness.

Aristotle’s Categories and De Interpretatione

Ackrill Ackrill finds Aristotle’s division of quality at best unmotivated. Showing of 5 reviews. But, as with just about everything in Aristotle’s scheme, the divisions he makes among qualities has been severely criticized.

It might turn out that employing aristole approach yields exactly the list of Aristotle’s categories, but then again it might not. Aristotle, Categories and De Interpretatione: The difficulties involved in Aristotle’s list of species in the categorise of quantity can be made more precise by noting that in several places he seems to commit himself to the view that body is a species in the category of substance Top.


There is one other interesting general feature of this scheme that is worth pointing out before looking at its details.

The literal translation is precise but difficult. The following quotation from Brentano captures nicely the philosophical import of such derivations.

Plainly, the enterprise of categorialism inaugurated by Aristotle runs deep in the philosophical psyche. But matter is not a highest kind. Two trends in recent philosophical scholarship are of special note. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. And we can then try to determine what that list is. Moreover, his discussion there is largely superseded by his discussion of the same concepts in the Metaphysics.

The answer, of course, is: But doing so will take us into matters that, while interesting, nonetheless distract from the general nature of the scheme. Retrieved from ” https: Each of these species looks like an extra-linguistic type of entity; and none of the species appears to be a species in another category.

There are, of course, beings that are not said-of other beings. Similarly, by treating them as not said-of anything, Aristotle draws attention to the fact that primary substances are not predicated of anything either. He says that were primary substances not to exist then no other entity would exist 2b6. Six forms of movement are then defined: Buy the selected items together This item: It may seem odd to quote Aquinas at such length in an essay devoted to Aristotle’s categories, but I have done so for two reasons.


On the contrary, it seems to me that there is no doubt that Aristotle could have arrived at a certain a priori proof, a deductive argument for the completeness of the distinction of categories … On the Several Senses of Being in AristotleCh.

I got this copy used and it was just like new.

Each of these questions is interesting and worth pursuing. In addition, we can ask about our epistemic access to the ultimate categories in the world.

Categories and De Interpretatione – Aristotle – Oxford University Press

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. To appreciate the difficulty, one aristolte only ask: A regimen, he says, is healthy because it is productive of health; urine is healthy because it is indicative of health; and Socrates is healthy because he has health. Each of the following questions has received markedly different answers from highly respected scholars and philosophers.

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Moreover, there is something rather atistotle about the idea that members of natural kinds are a fundamental type of entity in the world and hence that there is a system of kinds of increasing generality to which each such entity belongs. One of these items ships sooner than the other. Academic Tools How to cite this entry.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in a the Categories or the De Interpretatione, b Aristole, c ancient philosophy, or d philosophy. Crafts and Souls as Principles of Change.

On Aristotle’s Categories 1—4M.