John Steakley’s ARMOR (, Daw) is regarded, in many ways, as a companion to Heinlein’s STARSHIP TROOPERS. In interviews given at. John Steakley only published two relatively obscure novels in his life. The first, published in , was Armor, and while taking clear inspiration. The military sci-fi classic of courage on a dangerous alien planet The planet is called Banshee. The air is unbreathable, the water is poisonous. It is.

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A decent read but not the slam dunk I was expecting. I was there when we got the first books in the mail from DAW. Besides the similarity in the name alone, Captain Jack Crow is famous for stealing an experimental ship, has a reputation as a ladies man and even tells a story about primitive people proclaiming him a god that is copied word for word in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lists with This Steakkey. He destroys Borglyn’s forces and attempts to attack his ship. Felix is a scout in A-team Two. The novel ends with Jack, Holly, and Lya starting new lives on Sanction outside of fleet influence.

Steakley had lived to complete the sequel.

This book has two halves. Will Wight Narrated by: April 11, at He is constantly at odds with his own morality but he knows the difference between his celebrity reputation and his real personality. Concept art by Adam Lucas According to Wikipedia, a sequel was in the works at the time of Steakley’s death: The Jack Crow steamley provides the comic release and I found that storyline a welcome break from the intensity of the Felix chapters. Views Read Edit View history.


When you come face-to-face with true steaklry, do you meet it with admiration, envy, jealousy, or resentment? After a tragic freighter accident that amror his wife, Felix fled his responsibilities as monarch and joined the fleet to suppress the memories of her.

We follow this loon around, reading page after page of his babbling internal dialogue.

Forgotten Authors: Why John Steakley’s ‘Armor’ and ‘Vampire$’ are Worth Remembering

There are parts of this book that are fantastic, and parts that are a little slow, but overall it was a great action sci-fi. Just nuke it if necessary.

Thanks for being his friend and for whatever motivation and support you gave him while he was writing his books. I have favorite parts and passages, which provide comfort, strength and reinforcement in times of need. Why did the author switch to his point of view? I want it just as bad as you do, just thought it would have happened by now. One time I managed to get a really generic response from the law firm that steakleu his affairs at one point, from someone who used to know his lawyer.

Now I know why. There, he meets another highly skilled scout named Forest, who participated in the fleet-wide Armored Olympics against decorated soldier Nathan Kent. My only question is, why has this not been made into a movie??

Give as a gift. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It reminded me a little of Consider Phlebas mainly the character of Jack Crow as well as The Forever War though it seems like every sci-fi soldier book I read reminds me of that one. It has some superficial similarities with Robert A.


I appreciate being corrected, although I’d argue you’ve only complicated the matter from a “death of the author” perspective. Often, sci-fi stories seem to be entirely about an idea, but this one is about the human experience in stexkley ways. Several people had recommended it to me in the past. It was exactly as i had imagined, not an easy feat. Bleak imagery and nightmare mark the killing ground of massive, ugly bugs that outnumber the warriors a thousand to one, and nearly everyone dies.

Jul 20, Johnny Atomic rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: They drop onto an area not infested with ants so that he can see Banshee stsakley himself.

Armor (Literature) – TV Tropes

September 12, at 6: Huge, bioengineered aliens resembling ants. There are some armkr cool revelations about the mystery that is Felix, and much of it is left unexplained.

Felix discovers that his 21st drop will be with the affluent monarch of an extra-solar planet, named the Masao. The Ants — huge, powerful warrior aliens — occupy the planet Banshee. April 15, at 7: He only wrote two books, but those two books are in my top five.

However, Felix excels at killing ants.