2 1. ABOUT THE TRAINING SITE DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY ASELSAN A.Ş. As a developer of statü of the art Land, Air, Naval and Space. Aselsan Staj Aselsan Staj. November 14, | Author: hittaf_05 | Category: Drilling, Machining, Welding, Bending, Share Embed Donate. Report this link. of a company (like TUBITAK) or different departments of a company (like ASELSAN) is not . You report should start with a Cover Page and Table of . of the grades on the “Staj Değerlendirme Formu” must be at least 7.

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The contact scheme incorporates a brush assembly aslesan make direct electrical contact with the electrically conductive paths of the coded disk to read address information.

Aselsan Staj Raporu – ingilizce

In addition, increasing gain adds components, cost, complexity. At about 1 0E slip at the knee ofthe curve we get maximum torque and power transfer from the motor.

On the side of the conductor where the lines of flux are not opposing each other, the magnetic field will be made stronger. The number of notches corresponds to the number of poles in the stator. For example, assume the command signal was to drive the load at rpm.

_aselsan staj

As movement is increased increasing frequency of motion the far end of the yard stick will bend in aselean attempt to keep up with your hand movements. The rotor construction enables this type of motor to rotate at the same speed in synchronization as the stator field.

We can see by this curve that the aelsan produces zero torque at synchronous speed because there is no slip. If the volume knob is low, the sound is soft low gain; if the volume is turned up high, the sound is loud high gain.


And in order that the machine will perform without excessive overshoot, settle within adequate time periods, aslesan have minimum steady state error, the servo must be adjusted or compensated. Second week I always go to the maintance and repair division and I repair 3 servo motor driver box, I learnt doing perfect soldering in there.

If the frequency of the sound heard is low base drumthere is no difficulty in hearing the sound. Electronic processing can be used to transform this signal into a square pulse train. WEB sayfalarndan indirilen belgelerle bir staj defteri oluturulur. What applications use the closed loop technique? If you are thinking in terms of conventional currentflow positive to negative then, using your right hand point your thumb in the direction of the current flow and yourfingers will wrap around the conductor in the same direction of the flux lines.

Field proven servo systems developed by ASELSAN are presently deployed in dozens of systems ranging from 20 kg precision stabilized positioning systems to 20 ton main battle tank turrets.

Aselsan Staj Raporu – ingilizce

Systems that assume motion has taken place or is in the process of taking place are termed “open loop”. Gain is a ratio of output versus input. On the side of the coil where the lines of flux oppose each other, the magnetic field will be made weaker. A command signal which is issued from the user’s interface panel comes into the servo’s “positioning controller”. An open loop drive is one in which the signal goes “in one direction only”. The self excited motor may be called reluctance synchronous includes a rotor with notches, or teeth, on the periphery.


Therefore, a servo involves several devices. These additional components do add to initial cost an increase in productivity is typically not considered when investigating cost. Size px x x x x In its saelsan located in Macunk9y and in its ,ranch offices in: As an example, sselsan a home stereo system.

The current from the DC power source flows from the positive lead, through the brush labeled A1 through one commutator section, through the armature coil, through the other commutator section, through the brush labeled A2 and back to the negative lead.

Lack of understanding does give the impression to the user of difficulty. The number of lines is determined by the positional accuracy required in the application.

These low power level signals must be amplified: A low torque to rapogu ratio limits this motor type to less demanding incrementing start-stop applications. Those that require control over a variety of complex motion profiles. This other “device” is either a tachometer, resolver or encoder providing a signal which is “sent back” to the controller. The first assumption is that power is applied onto the motor and the second is that the motor shaft is free to rotate.

This power is supplied to the servo control amplifier from the “power supply” which simply converts AC power into the required DC level.