Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering 27 May ASTM D_能源/化工_工程科技_专业资料。ASTM D Standard Test Method for Determination of Water in Liquid Petroleum. ASTM D () Standard Test Method for Determination of Water in Liquid Petroleum Products by Karl Fischer Reagent (Withdrawn ).

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Dual power channels separate electrolytic electrode and measuring electrode; automatically removing all kinds of interference; greatly improving the accuracy of test results. With both types of volumetric KF, imidazole is the base used most frequently as a buffer to maintain optimal pH for the reaction.

It owns advantages of high testing accuracy, good repeatability, low testing cost etc. Toggle navigation Toggle search. The end-point determination in KF titration occurs by means of bivoltametric indication.

Coulometric KF In coulometric KF, the iodine needed by the KF reaction is not present in the KF reagent, but is instead generated electrochemically in situ from iodide at atm anode of the generator electrode, a component of the coulometric titration cell Figure 2. Latest Products from This Supplier. End Point Indication Typical questions asked about products Does this product support customization?

It is the last photo. Self-guided training complete with video demonstrations, checklists, concept presentations, data sheets and glossaries Quiz with automatic grading Certificate upon successful completion of course and passing score on the quiz.

Coulometric KF is considered an absolute method because time and current can both be accurately measured.



Peak season lead time: Audience Anyone who runs the D test method or who needs an understanding of the test method and how it is properly run. This is not x1744 you are looking for? Adopt a microprocessor for control, so it has characteristics of rapid determination speed, high precision, LCD display, and automatic print. Typical questions asked about products:.

The procedure involves adding the oil sample to the solvent present in the evaporation chamber where it dissolves x1744 the solvent, and in the process forms a binary azeotrope between the solvent and the sample’s water content.

Gd-2100 ASTM D1744 and ASTM D6307 Coulometric Method Karl Fischer Titrator for Petroleum Products

Best Ways to Test for Water in Oil. Request a custom order and have something just for you! Powerful new-generation processor; dual-CPU design. In two-component KF, the titrant contains only an alcoholic solution of iodine, while the solvent contains the other ingredients needed for the reaction.

What is the warranty for the product? Used oils may also contain contaminants that can potentially interfere with direct KF analysis, such as trace metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, as well as various products of incomplete combustion.

Since its invention by German petroleum chemist Dr. You have seen all photos.

Water in oils can occur in dissolved, emulsified and free states. You Might Aastm Like. Enter between 20 to 4, characters. The two types of volumetric KF differ in the exact composition of titrant and solvent. Coulometric KF is most accurate in the range of 1 ppm to 5 percent water. Rotating Speed Control Touch-screen operation; only pressing once then the test will be done automatically and the reported values will automatically display.


Preview a Course Click here to preview a sample course. The distillation component of the indirect titration method ensures that the hard-to-dissolve oil samples, or those containing potentially interfering compounds, are not introduced to the titration cell, while the KF titration component of the method accurately quantifies the water content of the azeotropic vapor carried into the titration cell by the dry gas.

ASTM D1744 Automatic Karl Fischer Titrator

How do you ship the products? D144 who viewed this also viewed. The following reactions represent this two-step mechanism. HK-5y Oil Test Centrifuge. Find Similar Products By Category. Modern Instrumental Methods and Techniques. Lamp Method Sulphur Content Tester. As a guideline, sample sizes shown in Table 1 are recommended for volumetric and coulometric KF, respectively. For those oil samples which fail to adequately dissolve even when using KF reagents formulated with organic co-solvents, or those that are suspected of containing interfering compounds, an indirect KF analysis using an oil evaporator is recommended, as described below.

A number of lubricating oil additives are reactive and are known to interfere with direct KF titration.