Astrology of Personality has 83 ratings and 6 reviews. Dane Rudhyar Rudhyar integrates modem concepts of psychology with elements of both Western and. The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dane Rudhyar’s Article – Sex Factors in Personality. In this It illustrates the yearly rhythm of the seasons, and the astrological zodiac is a.

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Ad Infinitum Books Condition: Octavo, hardcover, VG in edgeworn gray dj. It is, thus, truly an “initiation” occurring in her inner life — an activity in which the unconscious countersexual part of the woman is the active factor. It is almost as when, during the summer months which should be an outdoor period of life, a long stretch of very bad, cold weather forces one to pass the days indoors and to focus one’s mind upon occupations best performed inside the house. Wherever there is life, there also we find the principle of polarity operating.

Religious movements and secret brotherhoods such as original Free Masonry become easily perverted or, at least, materialized as the “outer” invades the “inner” and the body draws the soul in its vicious circles of desire. In the case of a female infant, the female hormones likewise build a feminine type of adaptation to the conditions of the future girl’s existence.

Astrology of Personality, The: He succeeds in presenting Astrology as a symbolic language by reformulating its basic concepts and focusing on viewing the chart as a whole.

It is this power which, unknown to the individual consciousness, urges him to seek not only social fellowship with other men, but also perhaps a dedicated participation in the collective activities of a group, of a church, of his nation, or even humanity as a whole. Jackie Thompson rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Very often what seems to a man or a woman to be the motive for his actions, or the cause of his feelings for a person or a situation, is not at all lersonality real motive and cause.


In this sense, our astronauts will not fully leave the earth’s sphere until they are able to go beyond the Moon and symbolically, at least rrudhyar rise from the “hidden side” of the Moon which is always turned toward outer space and away from the Sun. Not overstocks or remainder copy! To ask other readers questions about Astrology of Personalityplease sign up.

The Day Force in the cycles of the year the Chinese Yang actually manifests in life as the drive toward individualization ; it builds limited, clearly defined organic systems and outwardly operating personalities. A retrograde Jupiter in a man’s chart and a retrograde Saturn in a woman’s chart tend to differentiate more sharply the inner from the outer life, the countersexual from the sexual aspects of the personality.

Even if the individual rebels against the intellectual ways of thinking and the ethical, religious, and social ways of living of his family, group, or nation, this rebellion itself is conditioned by and starts from the primordial sense of “belonging” to a group.

Any experience which decreases the tone of, or gives a negative emotional value to, the sexual factors in the growing personality of the youth tends thereby to increase the influence and actual effects of the countersexual life principle.

Lists with This Book. They belong to a new type of psychological astrology which goes hand in hand with a psychology oriented toward a personalith of the total meaning of the individual person.

Astrology Of Personality

Ancient Chinese philosophers expressed this rhythmic self-regulated character of all dand processes in the famous picture in which two forces of opposite, polarities, Yin and Yangare shown to be interrelated with a circle. On the other hand, a woman may consciously believe that she is seeking the love of a man as an outlet for her sexual feelings while, in reality but unconsciously or semi-consciouslyshe is yearning for a transcendent power that would reveal to her what she essentially is as a spiritual being.


A close contact between a man’s Jupiter and a woman’s Saturn is usually an indication of a karmic relationship whose roots reach deep in the past; a typical symbol would be a Romeo and Juliet situation. Return to Book Page. Be the first to ask a question about Astrology of Personality. In the astrolog organism, many functions are at daje.

The Astrology of Personality : Dane Rudhyar :

The Sun male and the Moon female are the “Lights” of life on the earth’s surface. World of Books Ltd Condition: We might say it does not lose entirely its strength, but it grows in a direction opposed to that of the sex-building male germ. Dec 24, Stargazer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pages very good, clean. Saturn is in astrology the father image because the father is or should be, in natural conditions of life the symbol of authority and mind power; and — as the little girl feels in her psychic depths — he has been her mother’s “initiator.

The Astrology of Personality: I especially like his explanations of nodes and the poetic sabian symbols. Thus, the feminine type of intellect also a part of her outer nature is normally wide open to collectivizing social currents. The male body retains something of the potential female organs, and the female body displays structures related to the male set of characters.

Yet a negative result can also occur in some cases — i.