IIDepartamento de Medicina Veterinária, Campus de Palotina, Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), The first cervical, that is, the atlas, has wide lateral wings, which are also flat, well-developed and with the . Osteologia, p La anatomía veterinaria es el estudio de la forma y de la estructura de los animales domésticos, que servirá de base para el abordaje médico, clínico y. Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias – Universidad del Zulia. Popesko peter atlas de anatomia topografica de los animales domesticos tomo iii.

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Regarding the chest regions, the more caudal the vertebra presents itself, the larger the vertebral body is. Incisura vertebral cranial 3. In wild species, there are few anatomical or radiographic information on their skeleton, particularly in relation to wild carnivores, such as the crab-eating fox Cerdocyon thouswhich makes it difficult to describe diseases and interpret lab tests involving such bones. Cresta de a cabeza de a costila 4. Borde cranial Cresta de a tibia 6.


Acknowledgments The authors wish to acknowledge the technical assistance of William J.

Atlas de osteologia equina

Diente do axis 5. The skull of the grab-eating fox Cerdocyon thous is slightly elongated in the caudal part, it also has a larger width at the zygomatic process of temporal bone. Vertebral columna 42 Skullb and hyoids Como citar veterinaroa artigo. Agujero sacro dorsal 7. Guanabara Koogan, Rio de Janeiro.

In rodents, there are anatomical-radiographic descriptions for the axial and appendicular skeleton of the paca Agouti paca Oliveira et al.

Descrição anátomo-radiográfica do esqueleto axial do cachorro-do-mato (Cerdocyon thous)

Canal distal do metatarso. The transverse processes are well visible only until the fifth caudal vertebra. They are strongly curved, narrow and thick.

Cresta do cuello de a costila 6. Cuerpo do pubis 6.

Agujero vertebral ateral 5. Scott, and Garnet E. The spinous processes are broad in its ventral portion and they narrow down in its dorsal portion.

Holter, Bernard Meyers, Joseph B. The bodies of the cervical vertebrae decrease gradually towards the cranial-caudal part, and they are dorsoventrally compressed. This report, the first in a series, presents the skeletal anatomy of the angora goat.


Cresta sacra media 4. The divisions and average number of the bones of the goat are shown in the table. Do not returrm it to the originator. Its height decreases from the fifth vertebra on. Atlas of Animal Bones E. Disposition Destroy this osteopogia when no longer needed. Centro primario do ilion 2. Anatomy, radiography, skeleton, Cerdocyon thous, crab-eating fox. The latter is attached to the xiphoid process eighth sternebra. Like the domestic dog, the vertebral bodies of the lumbar vertebrae belonging to the crab-eating fox present well-developed transverse processes, which are cranially and ventrally directed Dyce et al.

Borde de a suea 8. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.