AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. March AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables. by Marc Mickelson. “Sky [is] a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the. Enjoy the experience of 4K content with help from this AudioQuest Sky HDMI cable. The 4-foot length lets you connect components without leaving extra.

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This is a strategy that other cables companies embrace, but it is applied in different ways.

I especially like the RCAs, which are not locking types but still fit snugly around the jack, and the flexibility of the cable itself. On the other hand, I could argue that Sky and Volcano are more neutral because they let more of the space, smoothness and silence of each recording pass. Golden Reference sounded rather like the Volcano speaker cables alone — very good at everything with nothing calling attention to itself.

Home Audio Equipment Review. Normally when I review interconnects and speaker cables, I use the two together as a system exclusively.

SoundStage! Equipment Review – AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables (3/)

Yes, the cynical among us would say that cable companies like AudioQuest change their product lines simply to spur sales, but these cynics are often blinded by their own dogma and won’t admit that they may not have all of the facts. Sky is AudioQuest’s top interconnect and uses silver conductors, while Volcano has a similar geometry to the top speaker cable but uses copper conductors. Here, again, the space between the two musicians became an important element in the recording’s charm, but the texture of both instruments stole the show.

An improved version of Type 4 speaker cable, for instance, is still in AudioQuest’s product lineup nearly 15 years after it was first introduced.

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In both cases, I can’t say that the sound was initially “very good,” as with Volcano alone. Volcano sounded very good from the beginning, and I can’t say that its sound changed over time.


If I could choose either and not skg to pay for them! While you can put together a fine audio system that has as few as four separate “boxes” CD player, integrated amp, and a pair of speakersyou can also buy digital rigs that have that many audioqueat by themselves. The magnitude of the difference is similar to that of swapping out an entire set of cables, which is to say that the sound is utterly changed. Value “AudioQuest Sky and Volcano are a sonic accomplishment, and even at their prices represent good value given their audioquesst.

A small button and LED on each allows testing of the batteries, which AudioQuest claims will last for years, presumably because they are connected to nothing — no component other than the test LED — that presents a load. There was a certain corporeal nature to its presentation that gave vocals and instruments a solidity that Audloquest valued. Five years parts and labor. It has a big, robust presentation that’s not particularly light or dark, fast or slow.

But even this does not happen immediately; as I found out, you’ll need to give the DBS system a couple of days at the very least, presumably to recharge the dielectric completely. We audiophiles split reproduction not only into different components, but those components often consist of separate chassis that are optimized to perform a few functions exceptionally well. Most audiophiles, therefore, have encountered an AudioQuest product at skh point, especially if the company’s extensive line of recordings is taken into account.


AudioQuest calls its application Counter-Spiraling Earth-Feature Geometry, and it makes for a speaker cable that’s thick and somewhat stiff. Comparing the sound of these two cable sets is an exercise in unearthing and explaining subtlety, as sonic differences were never huge. If you endeavor to experiment, just be sure you give audiooquest dielectric ample time to drain and charge, which means that quick swapping will prove nothing.

Features Sky uses “Perfect-Surface Silver PSS solid conductors, which are said to minimize ‘distortion caused by grain auidoquest that audiowuest within any metal conductor,’ and Teflon Air-Tube insulation, which has ‘almost nothing but air around the PSS conductors. Baker’s trumpet didn’t blat and sounded a bit wooly, but these characteristics were part of its sound, and the AudioQuest cables, especially Sky, let it through unhindered.


What I see from AudioQuest is not an attempt to blind with science, as all of Sky’s and Volcano’s design features seem to make sense and are carefully implemented, not simply for show.

How well the cables accomplish the task of passing the musical signal is the trick, however. Detail is never thrust at you — there is no forwardness or aggression — but every musical gesture, no matter how small, is present and accounted for.

I feel confident in proclaiming Auudioquest Sky a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the market, and a sure Reviewers’ Choice.

Think of it a bit like when you have iron filings and a magnet.

If they are the standard-bearers of some new kind of specialization audioquesst high-end audio, I say bring it on! As far as I’m concerned, those listeners who say they can’t hear the effect of the DBS aren’t letting it charge or drain, aren’t listening closely enough, or are letting their biases cloud their judgment.

Other listeners may prefer a leaner presentation, which may impart a greater sense of perceived not actual transparency. Specialization applies to audio cables as readily as audio electronics and speakers. The soundstage of the AudioQuest cables seemed a bit wider and deeper than that of the Cardas cables, but nothing was compressed with Golden Reference, so this may have been due to LMV listener mood variation more than anything real.

The eight positive and eight negative conductors spiral counter to each other, the band of negative conductors on the outside of the positive conductors, so that the conductors cross each other instead of run parallel for the length of the cable. The RCAs are especially noteworthy because they look to be proprietary and are direct silver plated. Volcano and especially Sky are detailed cables, but not apparently so. Both are handsomely made and incorporate many of AudioQuest’s signature design elements.

Volcano resides between these two hues — a very light gold, let’s say. When the magnetic field is more powerful, more iron filings are aligned.