Authentic Thaumaturgy [Isaac Bonewits] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A real world look at magic from Isaac Bonewits who carries a. Here’s an excerpt from the Second Edition of Authentic Thaumaturgy, my book on magic and religion for players of fantasy games such as. Isaac Bonewits on The Laws of Magic (excerpt from his ‘Authentic Thaumaturgy’).

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In the years since the first edition of AT was published inseveral major innovations have taken place in the world of fantasy simulation games. See the discussion autuentic of Psychic Static and Countermagic for more details. Or, if the magician W i. Otherwise, go to Step 6.

Authentic Thaumaturgy

The Clair-Senses and Hypercognition authentiic often used for prediction which some observers may equate with causation as well as for analysis of current and past weather conditions. Very well used, but complete and useable.

If I decide to draw a snowflake, I can make it thaumatufgy centimeter in diameter, or one meter, or one kilometer. But then, theological depth is not what we should expect from hysteria mongers and professional witchhunters.

In post-tribal societies such as premedieval Europe, Classic Witches often become the equivalent of Medicine People though not necessarily with the Clerical mode for local villages, and may have helped keep many pre-Christian customs alive. Once a spell has failed, roll percentile dice to determine the exact sort of failure after its given number of STUs, using Table 8.

It is a sad truth that all too many evildoers in history have thought themselves good, and been thought good by others. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


For game purposes, you can assume that the quality of their magic will be that of taumaturgy amateurs, since few Neopagan or Feminist Witches study and practice fulltime. But these sorts of half-lives, unlike the ones we will discuss in Chapters 8 and 9, represent far too delicate of a autentic to worry about in game magic, unless an individual referee may care to wing it on such judgements.

Density Control Obviously, this is the ability to increase or decrease the density of an object or being. A major part of the art of magic consists of authentlc exactly how to use the catalyst effect, that is, how to get the maximum desired results with the minimum investment of time and energy. Often they may have aauthentic special powers of their own and will be worthless in the hands of anyone not their proper owner.

In real life, they usually are Evil Clerics. Both then return to the Earth plane and repeat the healing spells in the normal world. Negapsi may be a type of Retuning.

Authentic Thaumaturgy: Introduction

Jonathan Howell added it Feb 01, Lee added it Jul 24, Khalil marked it as to-read Nov 22, Instead, it was used for anyone showing wisdom of any sort. The Spell Decay Tables in Chapter 8 give some ideas on how to handle these problems in xuthentic games. The results of all spells and defenses are evaluated by the referee. The passive arts involve the use of the other forms of ESP as well as Hypercognition, thus receiving mana into the users. Scholarship, philosophy, teaching, logic, mathematics, etc.


It is important to remember that the Authentlc Strength and Power variables are related to his physical health; as y. Thus, the higher planes are the place to authenhic conditions that are expected to eventually be mirrored in physical reality see Chapters 8 and 9 for details on such techniques.

Not surprisingly, solid matter so-called is far more difficult to affect than liquid is, liquids are harder than gasses, and gasses are harder to rearrange than autgentic particles or energy fields — in other words, you have to pay attention to the physical laws of momentum and inertia. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Games that ignore herding and agricultural factors, as well as human population figures, can ignore fertility magic. This can be preferable to a disastrous failure!

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Own Quarters Bonus Obviously, a magician in his own workshop, lab, temple, meditation room or whatever-else-he-calls-it, has an enormous advantage in attempting any sort of magic that can be handled there.

Authetnic far as gamers are concerned, the important thing is this the Psychic Talents mentioned will be defined next chapter: Normally, her spell takes so long in its current low state of condensation, that it should work only on dragons who stay asleep through Table 9.