Autoglym design & blend a comprehensive premium car care range. All tips, tricks and trade secrets from professional detailers and Autoglym’s product. 30 Jul Car Glass Polish Vinyl and Rubber Care I’m looking for a nice easy step by step guide for using the products. I have come across the Autoglym. 23 Apr Autoglym have been known as one of the best producers of car care the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry the car quicker.

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The best method for applying Leather Care Balm to a perforated leather seat is to always apply the balm to a cloth and never directly to the leather. Let us help you get back that showroom shine.

Spray the headliner, upholstery and doors while holding the can at least a foot away. However, if the paint his particularly bad it may require a var product such as Autoglym Paint Renovator. Autoglym Winter Prep blog Shaun Boyle 10 days ago. Do you sell a polish that does not contain silicone?

Claying is as needed. Use the brush to really get into the nooks and crannies of the air vents and get up all guixe dust. Can I use Custom Wheel Cleaner on split rims?

Your car may smell like cleaner for a while, but that will go away. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. You can shampoo your seats and carpet by hand, but we recommend using a portable auotglym cleaning machine to auttoglym up all of the dirt that settles deep in the upholstery and carpet fibres.


Send a private message to afrofish. With Tuide Resin Polish, you can apply the polish to the whole vehicle and then work round buffing caree off. My vinyl dashboard is sticky.

For those that like to follow a path of progression as they ascend through the satisfying world of detailing, stages of endeavour can autoglmy logged. Wheel Protector will protect your wheels for up to 6 weeks where as Alloy Wheel Seal would only protect your wheels for up to 2 weeks. Use a detailing brush to sweep dirt out of any cracks, and suck it up with the vacuum.

Will the Leather Care Balm leave a residue in the holes? My Currency British Pound Euro. Although Wheel Protector should not be applied directly to brake discs, a small amount of over spray will not cause any harm.

Written in simple, easy to understand form, they offer enthusiasts the chance to truly up their car-care game, learning new techniques in the process, and perhaps helping them to try out some new products for even more head-turning results on their next wash day. Make your car smell nice If you smoke or regularly eat in your car, there may be some lingering, less-than-desirable smells. Then use the screwdriver to get into all autoglyj trim lines and other tiny grooves to make sure you collect all the dirt.

Posted 07 November I am no expert, but I think people generally clay no more than once every 6 months or so. Please select the application type.


If you have High Definition Wax on wheels they will be easier to keep clean, wash with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner instead, the dirt will be removed much more easily. Autovlym Aqua Wax has been formulated to work best on a wet car. Wheel protector can be used on non mirrored diamond cut wheels however it is not suitable for mirrored finishes.

Autoglym – Help & Advice

This does not adversely affect the product in any way and the Wax is still perfectly in specification. Aqua Wax is for quickly topping up existing sealants and wax following a wash. Delivering to somewhere else? How do I clean the green moss or algae from exterior rubber trim? By doing all these, you make ongoing care simple and easy. It is much faster and does the same job. Is Super Resin Polish abrasive how many times can you use it and are you at risk of damaging the lacquer?

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To remove bug deposits as they occur, use Active Insect Remover. Do I need to dry the car before applying Rapid Aqua Wax?

Get some Rapid Detailer if you want something you can spray onto a dry car to remove marks or top-up the shine You may have already seen this, but check out the “Valeting Bay” section of Autoglyms own website.