Avital LX L • 1-Way Remote Start System Keyless Entry and 2 Remote Transmitters Remote Start Vehicle System with two transmitters • Panic and. Buy Avital Avistart Remote Auto Car Start Starter & Keyless Entry System L at Once an Avital Remote Start package is purchased, you can either take it to a mechanic to have the system installed or you can do it yourself. If you decide.

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For this reason, scotch locks, T-taps and other such connectors should not be used.

Got it, continue to print. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

To do this, remove two screws underneath the steering column to take off the steering column’s cover. Scrape away any paint and use a factory bolt or make your own ground with a self-tapping screw and a star washer.

When off the panic feature does not function.

This makes it possible to directly interface with double pulse vehicles without any extra parts. The LED will avittal constant when the tach signal is learned. Enable the trunk release by connecting the wire to the Avital Remote Start device.

Pressing on the remote will cycle through the available options in each feature. Page 19 ming Jumpers section of this guide. In the – position, the on-board relay is dis- abled.


Enter text from picture: To connect the Avital Remote Start to the ignition wiring, the Heavy Gauge Relay and 6-pin connector can be connected to the ignition wires. Start the vehicle with the key. After the dash panel has been removed, there will be a metal panel that should also be removed. Always use the Vehicle Safety Check section of this guide to verify that the vehicle cannot be started in ANY drive gear and that the override switch is functioning properly.


Both outputs activate 10 seconds after remote start. This activates the optional starter kill relay and prevents the customer from re-cranking the car with the key, when doing key takeover. Then, connect the antenna end piece.

Component Locations And Finding Wires Component locations and finding wires For detailed information on where to locate components, and how to find the wires you need, please refer to the Direct Tech web site at www. It outputs a single pulse when locking the doors with the remote, and two pulses when unlocking with the remote. Remote control learn routine The system comes with two transmitters that have been taught to the receiver.

Press and the Program switch. This product is designed for fuel-injected, automatic transmission vehicles only. Plug-in Program Switch Plug-in program switch The Program switch plugs into the blue two-pin connector. Heavy Gauge Relay Interface Heavy gauge relay interface The heavy gauge wires are used to energize high current circuits in the vehicle.

Remote Configuration Learn Routine will be exited if: This resets features all of the security system to the factory default settings. In this step, you will first need to disconnect the ignition switch wiring. Page 47 The vehicle will start and run only for about 10 seconds.

Deletes all previously learned values for Virtual Tach, and on the next remote start sequence the unit begins virtual tach initialization. The receiver can store up to 4 different transmitter codes in memory. Release the Program switch. Don’t show me this message again. Ground all your components to the same point in the vehicle, preferably the kick panel.

This lets you start your car from inside a house or other building so your car is the perfect temperature when you get in. Page 7 tion immediately and consult with the user to fix the problem immediately.


Avital 4103 Installation Manual

To secure the connection even further, zip ties can be placed overtop the tape. Page 40 When programmed to the latched output the status will only stay active for 10 aviital.

Remote Control Learn Routine Remote control learn routine The system comes with two transmitters that have been taught to the receiver. After the remote start module has been installed, test the remote start module in accordance with the Safety Check outlined in this installation guide.


The remote start will be disabled or shut down any time the brake pedal is depressed. Removing the screws attaching the metal plate can do this. Features menu bold The factory default settings are indicated in text in the table be- low. This wire also outputs pulses for 30 seconds when Panic Mode is activated. Selectable by using menu 2 feature 6. Does the vehicle aviyal an immobilizer?

Then, remove avitxl pin red connector. If this does not work, a tach wire should be used. Simply hold down the button for one second and secure it out of the way. Once an Avital Remote Start package is purchased, you can either take it to a mechanic to have the system installed or you can do xvital yourself. This will simply pop out with some leverage on the tab located on the connector.