With the recent release of Peopletools, peoplesoft has moved from the traditional workflow to the AWE(Approval Workflow Engine).This has. PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) is a recent entrant into the PeopleTools family – introduced only in AWE provides capabilities for creating. All rights reserved • AWE is made up of 20 Workflow Events No. 4 AWE – Event Driven Approval FrameWork Event Description On Process.

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We need to pass email template to the AWE workflow. Now it is not required.

PeopleSoft AWE: The Often Overlooked Solution to your Workflow Woes |

Anonymous July 17, at 4: Event Handler — AWE is controlled by events, when a request is submitted, a event takes place, when a request is approved a event triggers, when a request is denieda event take place.

This method becomes very handy when aqe need to disable all the fields of the componets except few push buttons or hyperlink.

I have added 3 buttons: Working at BTRG has provided me the opportunity to assist clients with assessing their unique business needs and making the most out of their enterprise systems investments. Lets log peoplsoft as KUTL and see if there is any worklist created for this request.

Here are a few highlights from this The approval monitor is showing the transaction to be approved but still the status at the top right peoplseoft is showing as pending. Same as emplid, you can initialize your workflow with some number and then AWE will take care of incrementing it and maintaining it with your transactions.


Wooow, you can see a the approval monitor below. If you are talking about the URL which is displayed in the worklist of the user, In the activity, there is a Email Routing object, please give the URL in the field attributes.

For potential clients considering upgrades or enhancements to their PeopleSoft systems, now is the time to move your old workflow over to AWE. During one of my recent PeopleSoft 9. Anonymous July 14, at But, later we will see that we need to create an event handler to tackle our requirement. The best place to trigger AWE events are at SavePostchange as all the validations are done by that point.

We do not need these as of now. Core app package will do our job. Optional Prompting in PS Query. So the code is working as expected. Fill the Default Approval Component as below. When the user submits the transaction, the application hands the transaction over to the Approval Workflow Engine. For more information on optimizing workflows within your business, please visit www. Unlike Workflowthere is no requirement of creation of Components,steps,rules and routing in Application Designer.

I also tried some other sites but these sites want subscription fees before I can get the file in peopldsoft I think it is ridiculous as this is a free white paper by Oracle. This is because AWE does is not aware of this field. Oracle Open World Presentations Download. Coupling this with a modification to the delivered AWE workflow to reference the customization, we provided the ad-hoc process needed to override the approver.

Lets create a simple AWE workflow which consists of only one step.

  AISC 303-10 PDF

Rakesh, Do you by any chance have the pdf for AWE 9. Criteria will be discussed in later chapters. Configuring AWERegistering the transaction. Starting with iin simple AWE workflow we need to carry out few steps. Now we ade to modify the Transaction Registry to include this Event Handler.

This tool is just one of the many reasons to keep using and expanding your PeopleSoft applications. Adding the Approval Monitor Page: There are a myriad of approvals to account for across the spectrum of your enterprise system.

PeopleSoft AWE – Approval Workflow Engine

Lets submit a request again. Since, we are creating approval process of only one step. Click on Alert Criteria and set it as Always true. We still have all the three buttons on the page which we need to control. peoplesort

PeopleSoft AWE – Approval Workflow Engine

If we want to do other stuffs than what the delivered app package does, we need to pepplesoft our Event Handler ,extending the core EOAW classes. You may add it in the header record and use it on the wwe. All rights reserved Privacy Policy. They needed to be able to delegate time approval to whichever manager the intern was working for during the pay period. When the Approverapproves the request it completes the workflow as approved and vice versa.