Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of Man’s nature, and of life’s potential – Ayn Rand If anyone asks me. Maniratnam has shown more Ayn Rand characters on screen. 1. kannathil Muthamittal (Telugu version what name?) top of a cliff into the water is the same as the opening scene Ayn Rand has written in the Fountain Head. Ayn Rand; Major Fiction: Night of January 16th · We the Living · Anthem · The Fountainhead · Atlas Shrugged; Nonfiction: For the New Intellectual · The Virtue of.

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Most of Ur backers r sub intelligent, boringly serious even with ur jokes, feeding u as a true backer with nailable matter for ur infamous reactions to reactions.

Just “Craftsmanship” wont do!.

Tell us what you need by filling in the form. Finally after the entire exercise, Nietzsche in terms of his intensity of thought and belief, and Ayn Rand in terms of logic and rationality stayed with me.

I dont know if it takes courage, common sense or a curiosity to do so… but I have not completed any new book after hers… I have not been able to enjoy any book with the exception of Gone with the Wind again… perhaps that is just a state of mind. I presented a poem to you in comment no. We know that your passion for film making developed in your college days…but how about your school days???

RGV, I think you try to hide your real persona. The heroes of Objectivism are achievers who build businesses, invent technologies, and create art and ideas, depending on their own talents and on trade with other independent people to reach their goals.


The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.


September 5, at If someone proves existence of God logically with truth and proof. So we must first consider what philosophy is, and why it must be systematic. You can have anything you want, live your dreams and witness your life touch the zenith. Read the book to find out what made it such a huge success and why it has remained a top-of-the-mind literary effort even after all these years.

To depend on nothing. It is its own purpose. On you truly believe and understand that you are nothing, but just one fountaihead person among the millions of people out there and also iin that none of them owe you anything, you will come to terms with the fact that you cannot and should not depend on anybody or anything and the onus is on you to make it in life.

September 9, at 1: Notify me of new comments via email. Her appreciation of the American lifestyle led her to settle in New York and pursue a career as a screenwriter. Ni laid out the details of her world-view in nonfiction books such as The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism: September 5, at 6: Remember that there are no flops for you in telugu … and your initial hindi films …. Love is the expression of philosophy —of a subconscious philosophical sum—and, perhaps, no other rsnd of human existence helugu the conscious power of philosophy quite so desperately.

How about making a movie on two persons having exactly same horoscope but they are part of different generations. Its a sense of belonging these guys have by hating you.

What does fountainhead mean?

If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject. September 7, at 1: That might be the reason, some of my colleagues didnt like the movie. Indian audiences can be fooled and are guillible to movie marketing tactics recent example singh is king ih om shanti om! Let it all out!


And having sex is a necessity like to sneeze or to cough. Why I bring that ay here is because I dont have the same problem with films…I was able to complete some films, despite all the crap.

Namaste which means I salute the fountqinhead in you Rajaneesh. A horror, suspense, action or a thriller whatever…. Now ramu ignore it and show ur fans that u r indifferent. There is more perversion inside you! In a country like India where English is the 2nd language in many Educational organizations, learners teluugu often baffled by the daunting task of memorizing new words in every step of their way. Another man may love a woman, but may give her up, rating his fear of the disapproval of others of his family, his friends or any random strangers higher than her value.

So you think that money is the root of all evil.

Book:Ayn Rand

He is also an economist, teaching occasionally at a variety of universities. I will post more later. K Vishwnath, Mani Ratnam… has their unique style of screenplay and movie making and never made a movie that was so badly bumped at the box office…. You fountainyead cheating yourself I guess.

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