First Two Layers, or F2L are normally the first two bottom layers of the 3x3x3 Zemdegs; Youtube: Rubik’s Cube: Fridrich F2L explained – by Badmephisto. This f2l tutorial from monkeydude made so much sense to me because he removed all the stickers that you should be ignoring so you can. Boredom. Good thing I brought a cube and Andy Klise’s awesome cheat sheet summarizing Badmephisto’s F2L algorithms. Learn F2L intuitively. Those seem to .

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For starters, exercise sake your braking point is the point where you insert the current F2L pair in its slot.


Get a look at some of Badmephisto’s random tips and tricks. But if I want to compete next week at the San Francisco Open, should I keep on working on Badmephisto’s method, or should I switch back to my way for F2L until after the competition?

If it helps, find a corner, insert it bad,ephisto, and then try to line up the edge so that you can form a pair. How To Improve at 3x3x3?


Give each step the same amount of time as you would need in real. It happens when you are new and hasty. I watched Badmephisto’s and it’s not making sense to me self. But, in all honesty, right about where I am. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: After another 50 second time, I just got a First Two Layers Variants: Start the timer, and in your mind just imagine each step being solved.


Noticed a big difference? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Best F2L tutorial? I watched Badmephisto’s and it’s not making sense to me : Cubers

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. No, I’ve been using Fridrich, the thing is, I just keep twisting edges and corners until I get one of six or seven possible cases that I know instantly, and I perform it.

Those seem to be the F2L watchwords. So if you know racing, there is a braking point. It must directly relate to the content of your post. I usually average around 40 seconds, but ever since I watched the guide, I haven’t gotten a single time under badmephisot minute yet.

Some are pretty useful, like “corner liberation” and stuff. But eventually as badmepbisto improve, you will shift towards being neuteral biased and will track g2l pieces automatically or you should work at it and get there. I spread out the sessions to make sure they were pretty accurate representations. What are PLL Patterns?

Each F2L case is a straight road. Like memory locations inside a RAM.

I’m back to my normal average around 40 seconds but no better than that. They do not imagine those scary red and blue arrows on yellow squares that show how the pieces move.


In the beginning, being a white cross solver, it may be easy to spot the white corners and be corner biased. Take the same scramble badmephissto solve it times using the same solution. Understand what’s happening, so that you can do this from all angles. Tell me, tell me, tell me.

If you cut down your cube rotations, you can remember which slots are solved and which are unsolved. When it comes to F2L, it’s all about practice. This highlights the fact that the mind is to be trained. Want to add to the discussion? The edge pieces will obviously lie either on the top layer or in the middle layer as bottom is a solved cross Combining the above two ideas, you will be able to zero down on the probable locations of the next pieces. Come back later when you are comfortable.

I was never going to be as good as the very fast cubers — for want of time, ambition, youth, and probably ability. Wiki tools Special pages. You do not have to work at bringing this new gap down!

Cross cube state Next state: