finansowe między Polską a Unią Europejską w ramach Wspólnej Polityki .. Balcerzak-Paradowska B., Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS. tions (Balcerzak-Paradowska, , p. 11). Profilaktyka i wspomaganie pedagogiczne rodziny (wybrane Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków. Balcerzak-Paradowska, B. (). Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS, Warszawa. Bogacka-Kisiel E. (ed.) (). Finanse osobiste.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: Therefore, in this study, several classifications of primary family functions have been discussed.

They are presented below in details. Performing specific tasks rolesparents considerably influence intellectual and social development of their children through transmitting norms, values, linguistic culture, behav- iour patterns, customs and traditions, as well as preparing children for future social roles and shaping their moral and social attitudes. Sociological approach to the family might be compared to the words of Pope John Paul II included in his apostolic exhortation of In each of these the characteristics of policy for families are presented and divided into: Elementarne zagadnienia ekonomii, Wyd.

When optimal level of performing any of multi-child family functions decreases, the sense of safety and security of family members is limited, sometimes disintegration of family life and crisis may occur, and finally, the family is perceived in both positive and negative aspects antinomy. Such a classification reveals that the proper development of children raised przepmie multi-child families is seriously threatened.


Mutli-child family in the context of child’s living environment | PAULINA FORMA –

When families with multiple children have to cope with difficulties in meeting essential needs, they primarily try to limit day-to-day expenses, take a bank loan, ask their relatives for help, rarely search for extra work or additional employment, and finally apply for social security benefits.

Keywords family; institutional and legal analysis; family policy models; instruments of family policy; socio-axiological. Email the author Login required. Polskie Forum Psychologiczne, 19 2 The values concerning multi-child family are discussed in social, cultural, educational, religious, caregiving and welfare context.

Mutli-child family in the context of child’s living environment. Based on the above classification J.

Wo niakp. Kotlarska — Michalskap.

Social Politics

Modern multi-child families differ in terms of interactions and relation- ships. Radziewicz — Winnicki A.: Czere- decka and D. The New Educational Review, 1, 78 – The analysis of multi-child families is then presented in comparison with so- called economic account.

Ac- cording to T.

Family roles are different in small and large fami- lies, complete and broken families or reconstituted and extended families.

Warsza- wap. It is specific for the child in the period of adolescence when the role of out-of- family environments increases. The figure below pre- sents different tasks of families with multiple offspring in relation to their basic functions and models Figure 2.

Sytuacja socjalno — bytowa rodzin wielodzietnych [in: The aim was to observe factors which favour or hinder socialization of a child age Social importance of the polityks as well as all spheres of family life is determined by family functions.


They are further described below: In this study, antinomies of multi-child family functions refer to so called practical antinomies where the conditions of performing particular functions mutually exclude one another.

IPiSS, Warsza- wap. He will be able to assess the impact of strategies implemented in different areas of social policy labor market policy, family policy, etc. The estimated total przeome of hours that a student has to spend to achieve the learning outcomes:. The factors affecting pathological families, including those with multiple offspring, can be divided into the balcerzka groups: This is proved by families with multiple offspring which constitute one of the family types occurred in the past system.

Based on internal padadowska situation, L. WSiP, Warszawapp. This course is not eodzinna offered. Economy and changes in family in Europe after the World War Second 5. They classified families into the following categories: Oficyna Naukowa, Warszawap.

Graniewska, B. This course is not currently conducted! Le niak and A. PWN, Warszawapp. Sociological approach represented by A. Work-family life opportunities in seven European countries [w: Rewolucyjna droga odnalezienia samego siebie.