The Book of the Courtier has ratings and reviews. Fionnuala said: When I opened this book today to attempt to review it, a bookmark fell out. I. An insider’s view of court life and culture during the Renaissance, ‘The Book of the Courtier’ is the handiwork of a diplomat who was called upon to resolve the. 1 THE BOOK OF THE COURTIER BY COUNT BALDESAR CASTIGLIONE () TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY LEONARD ECKSTEIN OPDYCKE.

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The Fortunes of the Courtier. I was actually surprised when I was reading this, of how deep Castiglione was. The discussion develops over four nights, each meriting a separate book. The occasions when the professional the courtier will make use of these principles are always very specific.

The Book of the Courtier – Baldassare Castiglione – Google Books

Especially in the third book they seem so dainty and polite it is hard to picture them even yielding a sword. Such is the setting of one of the most courtler books of the Italian Renaissance, The Book of the Courtier Il libro del cortegiano by Baldassare Castiglionewhich was an international best-seller for a century after its first publication in Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

That was not my interest in going through this, so it was a bit of a slog. The subject was the ideal courtier, how he should behave, how he should dress, how he should converse, and how he should love. I recommend it to those who are interested in English literature, the Renaissance period, and the understanding of English Culture.

He’s a figure I won’t ever forget now that I’ve been to his summer residence in Pesaro thanks to the initiative of my excellent travelling companion who knew all the right places to visit! Considered the definitive account of Renaissance court lifeit is cited frequently, along with Stefano Guazzo ‘s The civil conversation of and Giovanni Della Casa ‘s Galateo ofas an important resource on court life boo the Italian Renaissance.

Castiglone 20, A. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. First, that this could be a textbook for a political intern or a climber in the business world. The English translation of this book made in was subtitled “Very necessary and profitable for young gentlemen and gentlewomen abiding in Court Palace or Castigloone.


Included in these virtues are grace, health, knowledge of arms, candor, trust, and beauty. It’s intelligent, funny, and even beautiful at times.

Full text of “The book of the courtier”

The theme of the book is pretty straightforward. By the standards of its time, obviously it’s adorable. It remains the definitive account of Renaissance court life. How can I find this book? However, reading Castiglionne is vital to understanding the culture at Royal Courts during the renaissance.

His metaphor for aging and changing perceptions was insanely on point in my opinion.

Lucia Sofia Abonandi One of my best readings! One person found this helpful. The topics are interesting and comparisons with “guidance” for professionals today come to cpurtier a bit too easily for comfort.

It is as though Machiavelli were writing to rebut Castiglione: Read it in the summer but do read it. Praise of Folly Penguin Classics. Courtiers should be well bred, beautiful, well spoken, skillful at combat and varied physical arts, well read, skilled at music, art, and dance. Baldassare Castiglione is chiefly known for his prose dialogues titled The Book of the Courtier, which passed through more than 40 editions in the century after its original publication in So although it is true that a person who has reached the later stages of the ascent could not be an effective political actor, it is also true that only a small number of people will ever reach this level.

Composing ourselves in Style: Argument ensues via a list of historical people who are fictionalized for the debate. Widely acknowledged as the sixteenth century’s most significant handbook on leadership, The Book of the Courtier offers an insider’s view of court life and culture ccourtier the Renaissance. Castiglionne in other words offers the corollary to Machiavelli whose great argument is that successful political leaders are those who have taken the time to learn the skills required Baldassar Castiglione’s is best read as a companion piece to Niccole Machiavelli’s Prince which appeared 10 years earlier.


The bookmark I mentioned at the beginning was a leaflet I picked up when I visited the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche which is located in the Ducal Palace in Urbino where the conversations in courtuer book took place. Here the politically-active courtier achieves enough philosophical detachment to be free from the distractions of passionate love that characterise the initial stages of the ascent without having to abandon the affairs of the world, as those at the final stages must necessarily do.

But this book has enduring relevance for anyone who has to spend time among those courting the politically powerful.

The Book of the Courtier

Benediction Classics July 18, Language: I would have liked it more if I wasn’t taking notes every few minutes for my paper, so I might read it again to really get more of the poetry of the language and maybe focus more on the actual features of the ideal courtier. The other main interest for me was the way the book echoed places I visited on my Italian trip.

The structure of dialogues is reminisccent of The Decameron. It baldassaare be considered as an interesting read, in the modern castigluone. The last speaker says that no, he could fulfill the role of lover of beauty, because true beauty is a thing in itself, a gift of God, ciurtier is not inherent in the thing that exhibits it.

As a result, one runs constantly across invocations to “know your prince”, or to use judgment to determine what is right in a given situation. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. All of these are Several centuries ago, writing was simpler and more direct.

One requires some background in Renaissance social history to place it in context. The Book of the Courtier.