THIERRY BALZACQ. Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium and Sciences Po Paris, France. The prime claim of the theory of securitization is that the. theory, showing the existence of multiple audiences in empirical cases and Consequently, for Balzacq securitization is “a sustained strategic. Securitisation theory has become one of the key components of security Thierry Balzacq is holder of the Tocqueville Chair on Security.

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Theorizing the Image for Security Studies. Second, experiments can also be useful in evaluating the role of the audience.

Generating emotional distress is a common risk that researchers should be halzacq of when debriefing participants postexperiment. Do women, for example, have a smaller chance of being successful securitizing actors than men?

From meta-narratives to experiences of security. I think it could be a dynamic field of debate provided that the insights obtained there are no alien to concerns that are dealt with in traditional areas, such as postconflict reconstruction, mediation, reconciliation and forgiveness, etc. We know, for instance, bbalzacq individuals bwlzacq either side of the ideological spectrum, or experiencing different emotions or mood, 28 are inclined to react differently to political stimuli, and postexperimental analyses can focus on balzaca affiliation as well as other theoretically plausible moderating variables such as gender, education, or ethnicity.

If not, when does it matter, and how so? More recently, Bragg, Geva, and Thomson designed a stylized cooperation game in order to better understand why the local population in Afghanistan was not cooperating with security and development projects designed by the coalition forces.


On a recent take on desecuritization, see Hansen, Lene. Manipulation checks should be introduced at the end of the postexperimental questionnaire to avoid oversensitizing participants to the key variables of interest. However, these conditions were never fully developed and remained undertheorized.

This remains a relatively unchartered domain in securitization theory. Toward a Critique of the Governmentality of Unease. First Published 9 August First, it would help mitigate two longstanding methodological shortcomings of securitization research: Read more Read less.

Critics argue that pointing out the irrationality of a successfully securitized issue does little to change its political dynamics, because as long as an issue remains successfully securitized, political actors will still be compelled to deal with it in the ways that its securitization demands. Get to Know Us. This is particularly important when investigating thelry type of securitizing moves are successful as individuals might not consciously recognize that an issue has been securitized or openly admit that they accept a securitizing move, even though subtle corporal reactions would suggest otherwise.

Securitizarion particular, see Huysmans, Jef.

Securitization (international relations)

It is indeed known that exposure to certain information or variables can provoke contradictory effects in specific subgroups Nyhan and Reifler, and there is no reason to doubt this when it comes to security communication. More specifically, we claim that experiments offer a distinct methodological advantage that can securitizayion to securitization theory: In these studies participants make choices securitizagion only one state of the world and responses made by those in different groups are compared.

A straightforward way to check if participants understood the introduction of the independent variables as intended by the researcher is to include manipulation check questions after measuring the relevant dependent variables.


Being with the participants in a lab means the researcher can ensure they are exposed to the entirety of the independent variable manipulation, which is particularly important when a video or audio clip is introduced McDermott securitizatjon ; Clifford and Jerit ; Thomson, Geva, and Tkach Unless securitization scholars take this issue seriously, securitization theories would be emptied of their distinctive contents. First, while the initial debates and discussions focused on the internal structure of securitization theories, their theoretical sources and main concepts, the recent years have witnessed a new wave of studies centered on issues of methods and methodology Resistance, Emancipation, Desecuritization, Resilience London: ComiXology Thousands balzzacq Digital Comics.

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Experimental Agenda for Securitization Theory | International Studies Review | Oxford Academic

To the best of our knowledge, these crucial questions have so far received no clear and direct answer in the securitization research program, and experiments excel in isolating these factors. By using theorry site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Moreover, the securitization act, to be successful, must be accepted by the audience, regardless of the subject matter being a real threat.

Journal of International Relations and Development Edited By Thierry Balzacq.