Banderol Microbial Defense from Nutramedix offers support for the body’s general health. Order yours here!. BANDEROL Microbial Defense,Size: 1 fl oz (30 ml) Serving size: 15 drops Servings per container: 40,Liquid Products,Nutramedix. Description. BANDEROL / MICROBIAL DEFENSE is an extract produced from the bark of the Otoba parvifolia (Otoba sp.), a tree that is found in South America.

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Banderol is very effective against Borrelia burgdorferi and the common co-infections in Lyme disease. Dietary supplements Read more Aluminium foil — why is it worth avoiding it? Thank you for your participation! Banderol also kills some fungi that Cumanda does not. In addition, Bznderol is involved in charity — inthe company established the Kairos Foundationbandderol people living in economically poorer places in the world.

Magnesium — sources in the diet.


Single-ingredient creatine supplements Creatine hydrochloride Creatine malate Creatine nitrate Creatine phosphate Creatine pyruvate Magnesium creatine chelate Kre-Alkalyn Creatine orotate Creatine monohydrate. Since You are currently: Tesco Direct is closing on 9 July, so we can’t take any more orders bnaderol this kiosk. Nutritional Supplements Here you can find high quality, sensible and natural nutritional supplements like minerals vitamins, mannayan, deinmanna or vital supplements.


There are no known contraindications, no known side effects and no known interactions with other drugs when using Otoba sp. Similar products Best to combine with Similar products.

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Highly bioavailable source of selenium contained in Selenomethionine. If this store has a Tesco Direct desk, please place your order there. Special Offers Special Offers. Tesco Direct Shop by Department. Supplements for mass Bulk – Banderol Microbial Defense 30 ml.

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Banderol is an extract produced from the bark of the Otoba sp. Banderol also kills some nurramedix that Cumanda does not.


DHT inhibitors prostate support. Intra-workout boosters Electrolytes Energy gels Energy stacks Isotonics.

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It works an anabolic, and improves muscle hardness. I have more energy than I have had in a long time.

So grateful for this product! Neonatal infection wikipedialookup. Data is transferred and analyzed by external vendors. In order to avoid Jarisch—Herxheimer reaction, it is recommended to gradually increase the dose. Returns Policy Help Contact Us.