Students taught for ragas on flute by Suchismita about the advanced techniques of fingering, playing complex compositions and ragas with examples from. The Indian musical system relies on the notions of RAGA (melody) and TALA Your tanpura needs to be tuned according to the key of the flute you are playing. The bansuri is a deceptively simple bamboo flute. The Indian-style flute uses no keys, tone control being a matter of breath control and careful fingering on the.

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If the raga lacks both Pa and shudd Ma i.

Bansuri Flute: LEARN HINDUSTANI MUSIC – RAGAS – The basics

This is where of our website visitors came from on November 18th, This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 7. The performance will eventually gain in speed and become more and more intense. Now let’s bring a small composition together for Raga Bhupali sometimes also spelt bhoopali or called Bhoop. So when bansuru musician plays Raga Bhupali, he or she will play these notes longer or may start or stop on these notes. Furthermore, ragas are traditionally played at different times of the day.

In essence, Indian notes are based on naturally occuring overtones and are thus “pure”, while the key changes required by Western Music, require scales with notes that are somewhat compromised. Often, a “tihai” a short phrase repeated three times signals the return to the gat.

Again, the fast gat can be played for as long as the musicians like, with the compositions serving as the skeleton of the raga, from which improvisations begin, and to which they return. Bhimpalasi, Bhairavi, Madhuvanti — 5 notes, with some shudd in ascent but komal in descent: Thus popular ragas like Yaman or Bhairavi have thousands of compositions in use today, yet when any of them are well played, an experienced listener can quickly determine what raga they are hearing.

Ragas are differentiated from each other by the prominence of certain fixed notes, and by the sequence of a particular note or distinctive phrases. Another drone instrument is the swarpetia rarely heard pump organ that repeatedly plays “Sa”. How to play the composition: Bansuri Welcome to indianflutemusic.


If you are playing with a computer or ipod tabla, you will be able to see if you return to the 9th beat. Two benefits of this system are that 1 one can play a given melody raga using the same fingerings on any size pitch instrument – the entire melody shifts up or down in key, but the feeling produced is the same; and 2 it allows the notes in Indian Music to be based on “just temperament” as opposed to the “equal temperament” scales employed in Western Music.

Thanks for your support! In I began my quest to learn bamboo flute.

HINDUSTANI MUSIC – INTRODUCTION (Still under construction)

Here, we are providing many ragas with composition and improvisations through pre-composed alaap and taans, which will help the aspirants to understand and know the concepts of rendering and improvisations in a raga. Marwa or Puriyaone could use Sa, Ni, or Dha as the first note, depending on their preference. I have been inspired way more by you than all other sources I have stumbled upon ever.

Thus the notes of the chromatic scale are: The music is very complex and if you are completely new to Indian music, bare with me, I will do my best to explain what I have learnt so far.

Finally, there are ragas that are “mishra” meaning they are mixed, and use notes in both their natural and their sharp or flat form, often resulting in more than 7 notes being used in the raga. A raga is more than a scale.

Most people do not have easy access to players of these instruments, so I basnuri suggest you either download a program for your computer or for your ipod or iphone with speakers – usually these cost a little money but if you are planning gansuri play the bansuri often, this is worth the investment and it will help you with your practice.

Imagine someone saying to you “Ok so now you can play on the bansuri the normal notes; Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, but now you must only play specific notes and some notes you must not play at all”. The first note tonic of any scale in Indian Music is called “Sa”. Listening to this music transforms time and space In addition to the finger holes, some bansuris have an additional hole that can be played with the area of the leg just above the knee. It’s a website I built in So one improvised melody might make us think of romance, another might make us feel very calm and another might make its listeners feel banxuri.


You will basuri below that the 16 beats are divided into 4 beat sections this is why there are gaps between the beats in the table below and that they all add up to 16 beats.

Bansuri Ragas for Beginners | Flute Bansuri-Official Site

After some time the pace of the raga is increased to excite the audience and eventually the raga reaches its climax when the music is intense and finally the raga ends and the bansugi of that raga should have been established. The new website will allow users to register, log in, upload and share their own music; and have far more compositions, mp3s, videos, tutorials, forum, social networking ability, etc Generally the tabla player plays banduri a relatively fixed rhytmic pattern while the instrumentalist improvises, and the tabla player solos when the instrumentalist returns to the gat.

Ragas that have five swaras are called audav ragas; those with six, shaadav; and with seven, sampoorna.

Get on the mailing list The raga often culminates with a fully improvised crescendo called “jhala”, which for bansuri players is a fast staccato section using a lot of tonguing to break each note. The Raga is a framework encompassing a set of rules prescribed for the melody, for the movements up and down the scale, for which notes are to be prominent, which notes or phrases are to be avoided, and so on.

Malkaunsthe Ma is used instead of the Pa. Basic Foundation Swaras and symbolic notation Basic Flute structure. A raga is basically a melody produced by playing a set of specific notes and adhering to certain rules. Whether you are visiting this website to listen or to learn, enjoy!

This if very difficult to explain, but I will do my best here.