: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the “World’s Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN. Continuing from Batman: Knightquest: The Crusade Vol. Part of a massive 25th anniversary recut of the entire Batman: Knightfall saga, this graphic novel. Knightquest: The Crusade Chapter 1. Story by Chuck Dixon. Art by Graham Nolan and Scott Hanna. There’s a new Batman in Gotham City and the criminal.

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Batman: Knightquest

The Widening Gyre Batman: But when Robin tells Bruce of the circumstances surrounding Abattoir’s death, Bruce sneaks into the Batcave and demands that Jean-Paul step down.

Night of the Owls ” ” Batman: It is followed by the one-shot graphic novel Batman: The cover of issue 37 depicts Bane breaking Azrael bxtman his knee in a recreation of the famous cover of Batman”Knightfall” part Dark Victory Batman Eternal Batman: During the story, a firm bond arises between Dick and Tim as they share Wayne Manor together in Bruce’s and Alfred’s absence. Sign inightquest to our newsletter using your email. After meeting, the two men struggle, and Bane gets the upper hand with the aid of a small band of Santa Priscan soldiers and his old henchman Bird.

A later flashback to this time period Showcase ’93 shows Batman pursuing Two-Face alone, being trapped and kidnapped to stand a mock trial ; he is saved only by a rescue attempt from Robin. At the conclusion of this story, Bane and his henchman are shown monitoring Batman’s performance.

Batman: Knightfall – Wikipedia

Azrael, has assumed the role of the Caped Crusader, but without Bruce’s integrity as a calming influence, Jean-Paul is swiftly getting out of hand, alienating both Robin and Commissioner Gordon.

This setup resurfaced in later arcs such as ” Contagion “, ” Legacy “, ” Cataclysm “, ” No Man’s Land “, and ” War Games “, and has on occasion continued into the present. This created a problem with the flow of the story, as Knightfall part 16 flows directly into part It’s the quick fall into despair that proves knightqquest shocking.

Detective Comics Batman: These visions tell Jean-Paul to avenge his father’s death, and Jean-Paul searches Gotham for his batjan killer. ZsaszCornelius StirkAbattoirand Amygdala. Now the mantle of the Bat must be passed on to another, and Jean-Paul Valley answers the call. The serial nature of the Batman titles continued beyond the end of KnightsEnd, with the “Prodigal” and “Troika” storylines, and into subsequent unbannered stories.


In BatmanJean-Paul, in his new mechanical Batsuit which is an amalgam of the Azrael costume with the Batman’s confronts Bane in an arduous battle and prevails, although many bystanders are put at risk.

Valley becomes compelled by a desire to be a better Batman than Bruce Wayne, especially when he discovers his lack of interest in detective work caused him to make false assumptions about Catwoman he thought she would sell a powerful nerve gas to terroristswhen she merely wanted to dispose of it so it could not be used to hurt anyone.

This was confirmed hatman the letters page in Catwoman Over the next few issues, Batman becomes weaker and weaker as each criminal is put away. The Dark Knight Batman: A meeting between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne on his airplane is explicitly described as the first Post- Crisis out-of-costume interaction between the two.

The onightquest should have read “Knightquest: These new editions have covers by Mike Deodato. Legends of the Knighqtuest Knight 63 Aftermath: Jean-Paul continues to watch over Gotham after the fight, but grows increasingly unstable. He finds himself unable to meditate or even focus. Coincidentally, Catwoman is chasing the same man because he owns a knightquewt enabler which might allow her paraplegic friend to walk again.

This is a very rare mention of a character from another company in a non-intercompany capacity, made possible by the insanity of Jean-Paul. Although previous parts of the “KnightSaga” had taken considerable time to run their course, the entirety of “KnightsEnd” was published within a two-month span, as the Batman books had to prepare themselves for DC’s impending company-wide crossover Zero Hourwhich would immediately follow the “KnightSaga”.

In Azrael issuesa final thread of the “Knightfall” plot is resolved in the four-part storyline “Angel and the Bane” and its following issue, “Hour of the Quake”. This begins the Prodigal storyline, a reference to Dick Grayson essentially being Knightwuest prodigal son; Bruce had adopted Dick after his parents were murdered. Cover to Batman Wayne is replaced kightquest Batman by an apprentice named Jean-Paul Valley a.


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In doing so, Dick avenges his worst mistake from his days as Robin, when a mistake in a confrontation with Two-Face caused a man to die and nearly killed Bruce. The two stories involved DC Comics ‘s most prominent characters.

Batman: Knightquest: The Search

Asp demonstrates this new form of mass murder on a small English village. He repeatedly redesigns his Batman costume, adding more gadgets and lethal weapons, including metal claws, a laser, razor-sharp batarangs and a flamethrower.

In later years, the comics were reprinted several times, though never in full, as the Knightquest: Now calling himself Etkar, he possesses Azrael’s former Batsuit and returns to the site of his own death, with a hostage. Dorling Kindersleypp. Gates of Gotham Batman: Shadow of the Bat story is correctly placed after Batman part knightqurst It is an election year, and Armand Krol knightqiest campaigning for re-election as mayor both before and after the story arc.

The scenario creates a rift in batmqn relationship between Robin and Batman, as Batman irrationally seeks to face the outbreak alone—in later issues, Robin asks Batman if he is even needed as his sidekick anymore. He also assigns Robin Tim Drake to train Jean-Paul Valley in detective work to aid them as an ally, knigghtquest to guide Valley’s brainwashing away from making him a villainous threat.

Instead of a crossover with a definite ending, the publishers treated the scenario as though it were the new status quo, leaving it open-ended. The plot of “Knightfall” begins [note 2] with the master criminal Bane freeing all of the maximum-security inmates of Arkham Asyluma notorious psychiatric facility in Gotham City.