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Notices issued to building byelaws violators in Bangalore

At the threshold Sri S. It is in this context, it is necessary to identify and take appropriate action against the officers responsible for failure to prevent unauthorised construction.

This Court in numerous decisions has held that no consideration should be shown to the builder or any other person where construction is unauthorised. Respondent 2 has lws right to construct the building contrary to the planning law. Many such queries answered. No Case or Topic can be added. Keeping open further order over initiation of criminal prosecution, at the request of learned Counsel, 48 hours time is granted to file a better report.

Second Additional statement of objections filed by respondents 1 to 3 is taken on record.

It is not known as to what is the floor area ratio applicable to the site in question measuring 7. Section of KMC Act provides for demolition or alteration of building: So are front setback provisions, average alignments and structural alterations.


BBMP to finally crack down on violation of building bylaws

Please subscribe to download the judgment. Under these circumstances it is meaningless to bring out new regulations.

Regularisation of certain unlawful buildings. Supreme Court Of India01 Nov You Might Also Like Don’t bte a flat! Key Phrases are not available yet.

BDA Revised Master Plan , Zoning Regulations –

However, it must be noticed that the site in question being a corner site the building to be erected thereon requires compliance with Bye-law 17 of the Bye-laws relating to buildings at intersection of streets and reads thus: But for this reason alone the controlling regulations cannot be termed as arbitrary or unreasonable the private interest stands subordinated to the public good. Building regulations also help in reduction or elimination of fire hazards, the avoidance of traffic dangers and the lessening of prevention of traffic congestion in the streets and roads.

Therefore, action is also necessary to check corruption, nepotism and total apathy towards the rights of the lws.

AIR SCat paragraph 12 observed thus: The directions, judgments and affidavits all emphasised that residential areas are in danger of being destroyed with decreasing quality of life and that there should be no more commercialisation of residential areas.

The affidavit accompanying the application sworn to by one R.


Unauthorized Request Blocked

Supreme Court Of India09 Aug See how NRIs are getting rich with this. Even within a city there are different needs and levels of development. The Corporation authorities who are the trustees of the public interest, must strictly observe the norms and conditions of the Development Plan.

Even otherwise there 0215 nothing to show that byw deviations cannot be removed without structurally affecting the building so as to bring it within the requirements of the building plan sanction. Hence this petition, invoking Article of the Constitution of India, for the following reliefs:. Ultimately, it is the flat bnmp who fall prey to such activities as the ultimate desire of a common man is to have a shelter of his own. The arms of the law must stretch to catch hold of such unscrupulous builders………….

Karnataka High Court06 Mar In the said report, it is stated that the sketch incorporates all the deviations noticed in the inspection including the deviations which did not form part of the Confirmation Order dated issued by the then Assistant Executive Engineer, K. The Commissioner Sri M.