Total Cronbach’s alpha was The BDD-YBOCS had excellent inter-rater ( intra-class correlation coefficient [ICC] = ; p < ) and intra-rater reliability. The BDD-YBOCS is an observer rated scale to assess the severity of BDD The COPS is a self-report scale designed to screen for symptoms of BDD in. body dysmorphic disorder scale notes. The body dysmorphic disorder scale ( BDD-YBOCS) was developed by Katharine Phillips and colleagues (details at the .

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ICCs also showed good test-retest reliability over one week for the total score and all individual items Table 1. Study strengths include the relatively large sample size, broad ascertainment of ybpcs, and examination of numerous aspects of reliability and validity. Among the 38 subjects Interviews were conducted face to face.

Scales used for BDD

They require that the patient has persistently ybcs to accept medical advice that there is no adequate physical cause for the perceived abnormality. Journal of Psychiatric Research. Degree of control over thoughts related to the body defect 0. Examples include quitting jobs or being fired, dropping out of school, being late or missing work or classes, a decline in performance, or poor concentration.

For analyses of sensitivity to change, 63 subjects were obtained from three studies of serotonin-reuptake inhibitors SRIs for BDD that are described elsewhere Phillips, ybocss Phillips et al. Relationship between social anxiety disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. Prevalence and clinical characteristics of body dysmorphic disorder in an adult inpatient setting. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders DSM-5 5. Different letters indicate jbocs differences between means.


Scores range from 0 ybocw 72, with higher scores reflecting greater depressive symptom severity. Written informed consent was obtained from all participants after the procedures had been fully explained and prior to their inclusion in the study; anonymity was assured.

An example of insight in OCD is how convinced the patient is that the house will actually burn down if the stove is not checked 30 times.

It contains seven items and is used for screening for BDD. Thirty patients participated in the cultural adaptation of the scale. Body Image, 1 4 The questionnaire has 10 items and the range is 0 to Examples include problems with emotional or physical intimacy, avoidance of friends or social situations, being late for social activities, or not dating.

Mean age was The score is achieved by summing the 9 items. Updates on the prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder: An International Journal of Research, 2, issue 2. Other items, however, such as functional impairment and avoidance due to BDD thoughts and repetitive behaviors, typically require careful clinical questioning and clinical judgment to accurately capture and score the broad range of behavioral consequences of this disorder.

Establishing content validity requires a defining standard against which the content of a measure is compared.

Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD – BDD

Ybocw selection was conducted between May and March This is a recipe for increased bcd for suicide. After informed consent, patients were given the opportunity to express their comprehension of the scale and suggest any changes they considered necessary. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th ed. American Journal of Psychiatry, 1 Scores for each item range from 0 no symptoms to 4 extreme symptoms ; the total score ranges from 0 to 48, with higher scores reflecting more severe symptoms.


To assess the construct validity, the literature recommends evaluating the relationships of comparable constructs with similar operational concepts. Scale scores bsd from A score of 9 is used as a cut off for BDD. The norms and stability of new measures of the multidimensional body image construct. Other BDD symptom measures have limitations.

Body dysmorphic disorder should not be considered an exclusion criterion for cosmetic surgery. In the present study, general guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation of quality of life instruments were followed to ensure the elaboration of an adequate version of the BDD-YBOCS in Brazilian Portuguese Appendix 1available online.

Clinicians must bxd that the patient is preoccupied with one or more nonexistent or slight defects in their physical appearance for example, thinks about the perceived defects for at least an hour a day. Only one of the translators was informed about the objectives of the study, so as to produce a conceptual rather literal translation of the scale. She is author of The Ybofs Mirror: A self-report version bdf been used in some studies, but its psychometric properties have not been established.

The BDD-YBOCS is a item semi-structured clinician-rated instrument designed to measure severity of BDD symptoms in individuals showing excessive preoccupation and subjective distress with physical appearance.