Read Our Omega Leadernim! Now! Digital comics on LINE WEBTOON,. (BL – Omegaverse) Choi Jinsoo, the fearsome gang leader, is actually an omega in. a cute edit for a cute human~ happy birthday leadernim, I hope you’re having a great birthday (˘ ³˘)♡ 「 #happyjinjinday #happyjinwooday 」. Likes (Achtung die absolut Fortsetzung: Be human (by Leadernim) – Pairing: Taoris – Rating: PG

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You’re going to cry one bucket in Absolute Chanyeol, and you’ll cry five more buckets for Be Human. It’s the lexdernim of story that has dialogue that I don’t recommend you eat while reading.

I don’t know how to describe why I love this so much, but it’s kind of–like–I don’t want to spoil it, but basically, in a really quirky, weird way, she turns the theme into how it doesn’t matter how strange other people find you, because there’s someone out there who’s going to be just as fucking strange as you are and being strange together–and in love together–is the greatest feeling there’ll ever be.

I have to read fiction. But the one that I recommend the most, the one that is an absolute must-read, would be Work Out. All My Heart is a short Xiuhan oneshot that I really adore and it’s just really sweet. I’m Yours is one of eladernim light-hearted ones. Her fics are stories–literature–so that the main point isn’t the OTP that’s being shipped, but the plotline–the storyline–the characters. I haven’t gone through everything she has in her masterlist, but I thought that I have to at least pimp out my favorites because I’ve always thought and believed that that’s the duty of anyone who loves to read and write.

To list my next favorites feels kind of redundant because I’m pretty sure that if you’re into EXO, you’ve already read them, uhman I have to say them anyway just in case because at this point it’s practically a crime to not have read them yet. Your IP address will be recorded.

I’ve just read a lot of stories, and that means I’ve seen a lot of writing. But it’s super rare that I find someone whose writing is so ridiculously, incredibly, laedernim, unbelievably just plain extraordinary that I can’t stop thinking about it, and whenever she posts something new, I don’t even know how to put my emotions into words.


Our Omega Leadernim!, List1 |

For this, I recommend lots of tissues. And those two pieces of amazing literature would be Absolute Chanyeol and Be Human. There’s a lot of good fic out there, though, for all fandoms, and I’ve found lots of that and it makes me happy.

But because I’ve already read so much, and because all that reading helps me write, it’s really, extremely hard these days for me to humzn able to read fic because I can’t read just any fanfic.

And by beautiful, I mean all of the adjectives that come with stories about twelve stupid, amazing guys.

[RANTS] My LJ friend leadernim is now ‘Seobnae’

You come across writers like her once in a blue moon, so take advantage of it. You can read either one first, but Where the Winds Sigh comes first chronologically, although Hyman recommend going in the order she wrote them which means Hymns Upon Your Lips would be read first. I tried my best to keep my spazzing and fangirling out of this post because I really want as many people as possible to read her fics, whether BABYs and EXOtics or not she also has amazing Block B fics, but I haven’t read very many ledernim them yet.

We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after humman We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously.

I also have a little favorite that’s kind of hidden amongst all of her more famous EXO fics, and also because it’s kind of an obscure OTP even though it’s my main OTP for these two. Beautiful because it’s dorky, dumb, hilarious, witty, and clever. Post a new comment 3 comments.

I have to read literature, and it’s really hard to find that by just searching things up in LJ comms or AFF. There’re still tons of stories and tons of writing styles out there that I haven’t read, but that’s just another thing I look forward to going through, to continuously find more of while I go through life. All the fics that I’ve listed so far from here are mostly cute, mostly tear-jerking, emotion-wrenching, but then there’re her fics where you’re pulled from an emotional wreck to a hot mess in the span of sentences and it’s indescribable.


If you’ve ever read the manga, Absolute Boyfriend, then Absolute Chanyeol is loosely based off of that, and Be Human is the sidestory that feels like a hell of a fucking lot more than just a sidestory once you’re through. I have main OTPs in EXO that I ship, but she’s the kind of writer that opens everything up so that you don’t feel intimidated by how she drives just one main OTP in all her fics, and even if you ship a specific OTP, her fics are fun enough that it doesn’t really matter because you’re too busy enjoying the story to care.

I’ve read tons of novels. Your reply will be screened Your IP address will be recorded.

Your food will end up from your mouth to your laptop screen. It has a happy ending, and basically, just a super gorgeous story of falling in love.

By beautiful, I mean dorky, dumb, hilarious, witty, clever, profound, sad, happy, flirtatious, just everything. Fuck, even if you’re not into EXO, you should read them anyway because literature is literature. I read through most hkman all of her BangHim fics, and they’re all, of course, incredible.

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The sequel to that is Hey, Soul Sister which is equally as dorky, dumb, hilarious, witty, and clever and I still don’t recommend reading while eating. If you read something amazing, share it with all the people you know because it’s humsn a shame if one other person in the world hasn’t read something this amazing.